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Timely Riches

Updated on February 23, 2017
jcnsonata profile image

Jcn Sonata here, and I am an aspiring writer. It has been a dream of mine long awakened and waiting to come to light. Here it goes.


"My name is Charleston Wenthwort and I am 39 years old. I was born on February 29th 1932,in Velocity, Calamay; off the coast of Virginia. If you have found this video and are watching it, it means that I have been captured or am probably dead. That also means that you are now in danger because this tape is wanted by the Night Riders. They are not a myth. I repeat THEY ARE NOT A MYTH!. They are as real as you and I, and I feel like they are closing in on my location. Its only a matter of time until they find me. Listen closely to what I am about to tell you. Write this down 57678B012586DTR12569. That code unlocks the secret ... Nooooo!!!!!"

(sounds of gun shots being fired)

"That's where the video stops sir, I've watched it 3 times now and I still haven't figured out what he was trying to say"

"That's okay Madison, but if what he says is true then we are in great danger." Victor said "Destroy the tape and torch this place, we can't have anyone tracing this back to us"

"Yes sir"

Madison got the video recording and incinerated it in the fireplace but not before ripping out the plastic inside the VHS Cassette. They poured gasoline all over the computers, hard drives and once they were outside, Madison lit up her cigarette with a match and tossed it on the trail of gasoline leading to the building.

"Lets Go"

I followed Victor to the truck and took one last look at the abandoned warehouse now ablaze and got in. We drove for what seemed like hours, just miles upon miles or road. We finally made it out and ditched the vehicle before torching that too. We walked the rest of the way to a motel and rested for the night. Not speaking to each other. I took a shower and crawled into bed first and as soon as the sheets covered me, I was sucked into a deep sleep.

~Madison where are you?, I cant see you in all this smoke. Madison...oh there you are. You are as beautiful as the first time I laid eyes on you, and you've only gotten more beautiful with time. (The man chuckled) I'm just sorry it has to be this way. But your death is the only way to save us all.~

I awoke startled, scared, and confused screaming and holding my throat as if the protect it. But I couldn't remember from what. I moved my hand and felt a scar that was there as Victor rushed over to me and held me in his arms rocking me back and forth telling me that it would all be okay, that he was there now. I was so tired and scared and felt so safe in his arms that I fell back asleep right there, with him holding me. I was now in a deep peaceful sleep and only woke when the sunlight was peeking through the blinds, still in Victors arms....


"Hey there beautiful, its been a while."

I turned around to find Jacques Marqué, mogul and innovator of Timely Enterprises all decked out in his Armani silk suit staring at me sultrily.

Madison, he said taking my hand and placing a kiss on it, his gaze never leaving mine.

"Mr. Marqué--" I started

"Please call me Jacques, you're being way to formal with me, considering our history"

"History?" I repeated confused "What history?" I asked him, but his only response was a sly smile.

"All in due time, it will come back to you" he responded before walking away into the crowd.

"What was that about?"

I turned around to see one of my colleagues Dave coming up to me with a stranger in tow.

"Oh hey Dave, I'm not quite sure actually, apparently I have history with that guy that I don't know about" I said while shrugging Looking at the guy who was behind Dave.

"Oh, this is Charleston Wenthworth, and he owns a third of Timely Enterprises, Charles, this is Madison"

"huh, is that right? pleasure to meet you Mr. Wenthworth" I told him

"Please, the pleasure is all mine." Charleston said while making a small bow and touching the back of my hand to his forehead. "I feel that we are going to be great friends, if you don't mind me being so forward" He said again

There was something about him I just couldn't place. Something that seemed out of the ordinary, almost unreal, about him. Yet at the same time it captivated me and held my gaze.

"ehhem" Dave cleared his throat as my attention snapped back to him. I chuckled nervously as I pulled my hand back towards my self and held it close to my chest.

"Please enjoy the festivities, unfortunately I must make my exit now, my time here is complete. Thank you Dave for introducing me to this lovely lady, Madison I look forward to seeing you again."

At that he disappeared into the crowd, just as Jacques did. There was something very peculiar about the two of them, but only if I could put my fingers on it.

"Did they strike a cord?" Dave asked me

"A little more than a cord, I'd say. Do they know about me? I asked Dave, unsure if I really wanted to know the answer.

"I don't know about Jacques, but Charles asked for you by name and an impressive description of you, so I would say yes, they know about you. Especially with making that drastic exit off into the crowd."

I looked over at Dave my drink mid-motion to my lips and froze at his next words

"You are after all, the first in existence"

"What do you mean by that?" I asked him

"You don't remember, do you?" he asked me

"If you know something--"

"What's happening guys?" Victor asked giving Dave a shut your mouth look, if I wasn't watching closely, I would have missed it. It was as if he was close by keeping an eye on us. He came out of nowhere.

"Is there something I should know?" I asked them both

There shared a look between each other, Dave wanting to speak and Victor being tight lipped.

"Huh, ok don't answer then" I said

Victor finally let out a sigh in what seemed like defeat

"It really isn't that important for you to know. Its more of gossip going around the office about you" Victor said.

I looked over at Dave for affirmation but he was red-faced. He downed the rest of his champagne and left without a word or a second glance behind him. I valued him because I found that he was the most straight-forward with me, instead of sugar coating things. I wondered what got him so upset to point where he left without saying goodbye to me.

"Ok, so if this is office gossip, what exactly is it that I'm the first of?" I asked Victor

"You are the first youngest senior investigator in our company, also. that you've never been touched by a man" he replied looking at me with an amused grin.

"That's what going around the office? my love life? don't people have better things to do at work, like doing what they were hired for, working?"

I was shocked that people older than me would behave in such a manner as high school children. I downed the rest of my champagne and stared into the bottom of the glass for a while. Something didn't add up.

"Victor," I said

I looked up but Victor was gone, I didn't hear or see when he left. At that I decided to call it a night. I got a cab, but instead of going home I decided to go to Dave's apartment to find out why he was so upset.

I got out of the cab a block before his apartment and walked the rest of the way. It just didn't feel right taking the cab all the way their. I just had a strange feeling after he left, and it stayed with me. I reached up to his suite and knocked on the door. It opened before the third knock.

"Hey, Dave" I said

He yanked me in and looked both ways down the hall before closing the door behind me.

"What's going on?" I asked him

"There's no more time left, give me your foot" he said to me.

I looked at him quizzically.

"What?" I asked him. We were close but not that close so that request was out of the ordinary.

"Look, its the last place that they'll think to look"

He grabbed by left leg and kissed my inner thigh as he squeezed my calf. I felt like my leg was going to be torn off and almost screamed. But just as quickly as the pain came it left. I looked down at my leg and saw a blue snake tattoo wrapped around my leg, from my ankle to my thigh where he kissed.

"That's all I can give you, you are the rightful owner. You will know what it means when the time is right. Now you need to leave before anyone realize what I have done. Trust no one and be smart"

He fixed my satin white flowing dress so that it fell around my ankles and the snake wasn't showing. He walked me to the door before pushing me towards the closet, towards a hidden elevator that lead to the back of the building. A hidden exit.

I made it home without being spotted by anyone. I took a quick shower, put on my jammies and sat down to watch a quick episode of Suits when their was a rap at the door. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 11:30 pm. I walked towards the door and opened it. It was a disheveled Victor.

"Victor, what happened?" I asked alarm

"Its Dave," he said coming in and closing the door behind him, before rubbing a hand over his now slightly stubbled face. "He's dead"

~To Be Continued~


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    • profile image


      21 months ago

      This is really great. I can't wait to read more.!!!

    • jcnsonata profile imageAUTHOR

      Jcn Sonata 

      21 months ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Thank you cam8510. I really appreciate the advice.

      I do plan on adding more to to the story in a few days, just a little at a time.

      Thank you for reading it :)

      Stay tuned for more

    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 

      21 months ago from Flagstaff, AZ

      Very exciting. I'm looking forward to more. I see you are new to HP, and this is your first hub. Shorter is better than too long, I've found that out by experience. But you have a very short first segment here that could have been two or three times longer. Maybe you haven't finished your story, but you might consider publishing when you have more story. Just a thought. I certainly wouldn't ask for more if I didn't like the beginning :) Welcome to HubPages.


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