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Tin Swift: Air Pirates, Werewolves, and Clockwork Monsters, Oh My

Updated on October 28, 2017

Tin Swift by Devon Monk

Tin Swift

A little while ago I read this nutty steampunk pseudo horror mystery western called Dead Iron. And it’s the sort of book that stick in your head just because of the pure raw imagination that went into it. And as I was looking for new book to read, I decided to look into the sequels. So here I am reviewing the second book in The Age of Steam series called Tin Swift by Devon Monk.

The book picks up about a month after the first book drops off. Cedar Hunt our werewolf bounty hunter for hire, is traveling with a ragtag group across the western states to Kansas. The goal is to get Mae, who is a witch, to her coven. If they don’t get her there fast enough her brains will be scrambled for good as a broken binding spell between her and her husband is sending her into dementia. The group runs across a town an town. There everyone is dead. It isn’t until its tool late that Cedar realizes the copses are infected with the "Strange," allowing clockwork to grow inside of them. And the dead soon rise with the goal to tear them apart. They fight a noble battle to get out alive and only by dumb luck does an airship fly over and give them a hand. But they do not escape entirely. A member of their group, Rose is critically injured and infected with some of the strange. Also the captain of the ship Marshal Hink, has a number of air pirates chasing him, who want him dead leading to more trouble. Ultimately the two story lines tie together.

The good? Imagination is wonderful. There’s nothing else really like it. Between the airship pirate battles, shoot outs, and clockwork living dead abominations, its hard to not appreciate the craziness of it. The story is great.

The bad? Devon Monk is a wonderful author where a sparks of imagination surely erupts into wildfires. But she suffers from some problems Frank Beddor had when he wrote the Looking Glass Wars. She’s not very good with detail. Scenes with our clockwork living dead could have been much scarier and downright creepy of there more detail. The action scenes moved quickly jarring the reader to re read parts. And steam punk world need more fleshing out. This was a problem. I hoped she would improve on after book one but sadly didn’t.

Overall, it’s a darn good read, but it does have it problem. The lack of detail really does force the reader to full I the blanks here and there. But that is a very small complaint when set against the wildly fun tale here.

Overall Rating: Air Pirates, Werewolves, and Clockwork Monsters. Oh my.

3 smoothie out of four.

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