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Tips To Improve English

Updated on February 5, 2017
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A.P. Petty is a student and a published writer and poet. She lives in Las Vegas and is working on her B.A. in English.

Resources for ESL learners

Learning English as a second or even third language can be difficult. Everyone learns at their own speed and sometimes the challenges that we're presented with that can impede progress. However, there are plenty of ways to stay motivated and goal oriented learning English. Here are a few tips:

1) Invest in a dictionary, or use its online component. One of the best ways to become familiar with vocabulary building is knowing how they're pronounced and used grammatically. Dictionary websites such as Merriam-Webster or are good resources. Not only is it easy to navigate, but they also provide a word's roots, synonyms, antonyms, and pronunciation guide to hear it. Users can even subscribe to their mailing list and receive a new word a day.

2) Keep a journal. It doesn't have to be fancy, but something reliable. Writing is a pivotal role when it comes down to comprehension. It’s half of the oral component, because in order to what’s being said, we should also be aware of what it looks like. Start by writing a basic sentence--the color of the sky, a favorite quote, a cartoon character. Then, spice it up by adding something new to each subsequent entry. Make it fun or quirky or inspiring. Overall, getting into the habit of writing daily helps keep track of progress.

3) Being surrounded by native English speakers. This is probably one of the best ways getting accustomed to learning any language. As infants and children, we pick words from the people around us such as our parents and siblings. And, as time progresses, we string words together into coherent sentences based off what we've heard. But this is complicated not living with someone who understands us.

Sometimes we aren’t often afforded the luxury of working around people who speak multiple languages, but this would be the perfect time to meet some English speaking people. Try visiting places where people gather, like a local coffee shop or mall. Talk to them, or listen to what is being communicated. This maybe overwhelming at first, and that’s normal to feel. Take baby steps. As long as listening to others who speak English becomes a routine, the easier and natural it’ll feel.

Remember, learning anything new won’t come overnight, or have immediate results. It takes time getting used to. But when genuine efforts are being made, even small ones, progress shows and it shines.


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