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Tips and Advice for Creating and Writing a Hub on Hubpages

Updated on July 2, 2008

Advice to LilStrawberry on Creating and Writing a Hub on Hubpages

Thank you LilStrawberry for your question on tips, suggestions and advice for creating and writing a Hub on Hubpages. First and foremost, congratulations on deciding to get started with Hubpages - You won't regret it. Everybody loves Hubpages...and so do the search engines. Creating and writing a hub is often an extension of you - your personality, passions, interests and knowledge.

Tip #1: Develope and theme based upon your knowledge. Think of your passion as a general keyword. Your first Hub should be a general introduction to your passion, as writing about your passion will interest you and keep you motivated when writing; this way you will stay motivated, pushing you on to eventual completion of your first hub. Remember, by keeping your first Hub general and thematic you will not get bogged down by details.

Tip #2: Remember the KISS principal on your first Hub: 'keep it simple stupid'. Everybody likes a list; why not start with a general introduction to your passion and make a top ten list of subjects or lists on your passion or interest or even a top five list. Remember to adhere to generally accepted writing prinicipals of a brief introduction, providing a brief overview of your Hub's objective or a brief benefit a reader with get if they visit your Hub.

Tip #3: Keep writing more Hub pages based upon your general theme as this will help to develope your credibility and expert role as a Hubber! Pick one sentence or subject from your first Hub page based upon a general them and not create another Hub page on a specific topic on a general theme from one of your passions or interests.

Tip #4: Replicate: don't stop there with your first or second Hubpage. Keep writing. Your Hubpages don't have to be long or overly complicated. Remember deliver top quality content that keeps Hubbers coming back. Pick a writing style and a format that you are comfortable and a style that is unique to you. Why not standardize your approach to writing Hub page! Developing a system works! Consistency for you and your readers is paramount. Yes, these things take practice but perfect practice makes perfect Hubpages and developes you as a Top Hubber!

Tip #5: Keep a schedule and develope self-discipline. Writing hubs on Hubpages is great fun ... and may be profitable. Why not get started today and remember to set your profile, making it sticky and interesting that is again relating to your audience and related to your theme.

So there you go, five top tips for writing and developing your Hubpages. Following these five basics tips when creating a Hub will ensure your success and ongoing enjoyment, as well as ensuring end-user driven content that your readers will enjoy - and keep coming back for more!


Daniel Tetreault


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