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Tips to succed in a freelance writing job

Updated on August 17, 2011

The internet is the like the sea, one moment it’s sweet and serene, the next moment it’s a harsh mistress. There is a need for one to keep fresh each and every time freelance writing jobs come along. Although one gets to work at his/her time and at will that   give him/her the right to do half baked work. Successful freelance writers will tell you that quality is the key to hitting the jackpot when it comes to the internet because you are not the only freelance writer out there.  

Freelance writing jobs are very lucrative and every day there are thousands of people trying to cash in. So do not be smug and arrogant lest you get washed away by the sea. Freelance writing jobs thrive on the referral system. When you write a good article, say for a grad student, the student will most likely refer you to his/her friends; their friends will refer you to their friends, get the logic. Here are some tips to succeed with a freelance writing job.

- Only take freelance writing jobs that you can do your best in. the key to getting ahead is to play to your strength and minimise your weaknesses. Do not reach beyond your depth. For example if there is a freelance writing job that requires one to write an essay on quantum mechanics, don’t take up such a job because the quality of your work will be greatly compromised. This because one, you have no idea what quantum mechanics is about and two the job will take a lot of time. Quality of your work is dependent on whether you know the topic or not. Research is much more effective if you know what you’re looking for, anything less will be plagiarism.

- Always be polite, persistent, and positive when undertaking freelance writing jobs. Remember even online customer is king. Write according to the clients instructions. Take the criticism as an opportunity to learn and improve. Do not take offensive at objections and other people’s opinions.   Good luck!


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    • rangpur profile image

      rangpur 6 years ago from BANGLADESH

      Thanks for writing a good tip.