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Tis the End I give

Updated on May 17, 2011

It is To the end that I leave the beginning
for without it, I am nothing
And the test of self is foresight
Although I have naught to give

Someone said the tale was long
And the ways of listening would go far
But within sanity’s basin
Thoughts twist with reason
And anger only goes so far

So I too can hail from the storms
I try to wash the dead skin
But the ever present heat
Wraps sensation in the wind

Someone said the tale was cut short
that man died willingly, Without crime or hurt
Still I beg the winter goddess for forgiveness
And plan to return within the dirt

So, She says “bane upon the wicked”
“Hast thou gone so far and yet in here you stay”
Says thee in sad reply “A glass heart ‘tis all I have left to play”
So then out of wounded snakes
They come boiling with twice the hate
To satisfy the hunger of plenty, within thy tattered state

Room upon room they clamor and shake
For harlots and sinners, a wreakage birthed upon wake
Will ever the sorrow be quick to strike
And find the devil is naught, but a sultry fake

To this She replies ever so careful
“The Bound man lies, Because he hath no sight”
Calmly thy turns and returns to the cave of wonder
Only to find ruins upon years of plunder
And one can only think to scream out loud
“Why hast thou forsaken thy ruined child “

In reply the mist beyond thee says
“Tis only To leave thee a desecrated soul, so thy can replenish thy will”
“Tis only To leave thee scarred, so thou can strengthen the whole”
So ‘tis at the end thy can claim, the right of human suffering, as the purest of goals”

Then To the beginning, I will give you the end
For within that need, I am everything
And knowledge is gained from teachings in which I am ready and willing to gain

© 2011 Warren Curtis Daniels Jr


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