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To All Of God's Pious Benchwarmers.

Updated on November 20, 2009


To All Of God's Pious Benchwarmers.



Hypo-critic oaths

being sworn for the benefit
of all of those seated around them.

Minds bent on other thoughts far more then
my own bending back is to bear them.

Much larger denominations being palmed
in place of smaller donations to the church...

then tucked back into wallets and purses.

Young lovers holding hands in secret.

Many guilty faces miming holiness as the preacher
barks out warnings of hellfire and damnation.

Stern looks at young children who slither,
squirm and crawl around me to find any
other position but upright-ousness.

All of God's children on parade in
row after row of nodding heads,
of both those agreeing,
and those drifting off to sleep.

I bear the souls of

the multitudes seeking glory,
as well as hymnals

and the gaseous odors
of flatulence escaped while the party
responsible looks around for the offender.
which probably explains why I am called pew.


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