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The Antonio Roberts Series : To All The Girls I've Loved Before

Updated on February 6, 2015

Antointette Adams

The first obstacle was the baby mama. The one I had, but hadn't chosen to tell Kima about. That is until she went into my bathroom and saw baby powder and baby shampoo among my other hygiene products.

Antoinette Adams was this amazing bass guitar player from a family of musicians and ministers. And like her siblings and cousins before her, Antoinette had found herself in recording studios, playing in the background on some very popular albums. That's actually how I met her.

The community choir that I once belonged to was started by Antoinette's brothers. And it was on a trip to the Atlanta College Choir competition in 1994 that she and I managed to get close.

Antoinette already had one child from a previously disastrous relationship. And by 1998, she and I had made a baby together. A little boy by the name of Antoinio Jr or A.J. for short.

I loved that little rugrat, as well as his brother, Marshon, who went from being my godson to being my son. Yeah, I had absolutely no problem with children. It was the mother that I wasn't sure about.

Antointette didn't have the same ambition as her popular siblings who'd morphed from church musicians into an influential Urban Gospel recording group.

While they traveled the country, Antoinette was content staying home and managing the choir, which eventually disapated under her leadership.

Antoinette turned down an offer to be an extra in a movie, because she didn't want to risk her job as the manager of a hamburger joint that she'd been working at since high school.

To Antoinette, music was more of a hobby than a passion. Which was why she'd also turned down a chance to follow a friend down to Minneapolis to meet PRINCE. A friend who wound up being associated with the royal rocker for the next 20 years or so.

As much as I loved Antoinette, it was difficult to be excited about a talented woman who would so easily let one in a lifetime opportunities slip though her fingers.


Cassidy Glover

Cassidy was the younger sister of Tiffany Glover. But unlike Tiffany, she was actually interested in me as a Christian DJ. But then, I guess I had to thank Tiffany for that. Due to her bringing Cassidy over to my apartment unannounced one Sunday afternoon. It was during this visit that Cassidy saw the same music collection that Tiffany had, but with different eyes. With eyes of wonder and amazement.

Tiffany went to church, but Cassidy lived it. Choir. Evening services. Volunteering in the nursery. Even teaching a Sunday School class. And if I may be honest, Cassidy had a lot more class than her sister. To the point that bringing her to my spot had to be the most stupid thing Tiffany had done since giving a thumbs down to my choice of CDs.

Our eyes met several times during the course of our visit. And every time they did, I knew that she was trying to check me out without her sister noticing. So I took advantage of that, licking my tongue out at her and making funny faces every chance I got.

Then as they were leaving -- Tiffany leading the way --- I took a chance when Cassidy looked over her shoulder and smiled as she caught me looking at her behind. Folding one of my business cards in half, I passed it to her. And without looking at it, she clutched it in he fist and slipped it into her purse without her sister knowing. It was then that I was pretty sure I'd made a new friend. And then when she called me 30 minutes later, I was certain of it.

"So you still got your church clothes on?

"Yeah, actually I do. I was helping my mom cook dinner.. So I just slipped on some houseshoes and an apron ... Why?"

I liked what I saw in my mind. Couldn't get that picture out of my mind.

"Is that so?" I asked.


"Is that why you were lookin' at my booty?"

I snickered. "You mad that I was looking at you?"

"I didn't say that."

"So what are you saying?"

Prolonged silence ... Then ... "I liked it."

"You liked you looking at me ...."

"Oh yeah?"

"Mmm hmm."

"So what do I have to do, to be able to look at you some more?"

More silence ... "I don't know ... Just ask, I guess ..."

"Okay .... So I'm asking. Can I look at you some more?"



Extreme silence. I could hear her breathing though, so I knew that she was still on the line.

"Um ... I don't drive ... But maybe .... Wait, I have an idea ... Hold on for a minute. Okay?"


"Don't hang up."

"I'm not going anywhere."

Ten whole minutes passed by before Cassidy returned to the line.

"Okay, I figured it out."

"Oh yeah?"

"Mmm hmm. So Tiffany's about to call you ..."

"Hold on, my other line is ringing," I said before it registered what Cassidy had said prior to me clicking over. "Hello?"

"Hey Sweetie."

It was Tiffany.

"What's up Girl?"

"Baby ... I need a favor ... It's kind of a big favor, but if you can do it for me, I'll be very grateful."

"Oh yeah?" How grateful."

"Mind blowing grateful."

"Okay .... So what is this favor?

"Well, my sister ... Cassidy ... The one you met today."

I smiled at the fact that she thought her sister was so forgettable. "Okay," I responded.

"Well, see, she's really into church and what not ... And there's some program at another church that she wants to go to ... She needs to be dropped off ... And she'll also need a ride home."

"And ...?"

"Well Baby ... I was kind of hoping that you could take care of that for me. I would, but the program starts right after I'm supposed to be at work ..."

"Oh, you work tonight?"

"Yeah. 5 til' 2 ... I was hoping that I cold drop her off, you take her and then scoop her back up and take her home ...?"

"Um ... How long does something like this last?"

"Maybe 2 hours. Four if folks get the Holy Ghost and start doing cartwheels all over the place. But I'd give her your cell number and she can call you when she's ready to get picked up ... Can you do this for me Baby?"

I faked silence to give her the impression that I didn't want to participate ... "You want me to play taxi for your kid sister ... ? Um, I'm gonna need you to take me out to dinner and come back to my place and play butt naked Uno for this."

Tiffany burst into a loud cackle of a laugh. "Deal Baby."

"(Sigh) ... Okay ... I'll do it," I said before she thanked me and hung up the phone. Then I clicked back over to my original party. "Wow ... How in the wonderful world of Disney did you accomplish that?"

Cassidy giggled. "I have skills Bruh. Thought you knew."

"No seriously ... How'd you ...?"

"I'll tell you when I get there."

"Uh huh ... Do me a favor and lose the pantyhose. Okay?"

"Um, okay."

"Alright, I'll see you later then."


Cassidy Glover II

Cassidy did just what I told her. I noticed her smooth, bare legs as she walked into the apartment and then I walked Tiffany back down the stairs to her car.

"Baby, I really appreciate this," Tiffany said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and slobbed me down in the middle of the street. She was wearing her casino housekeeping uniform and it was kind of turning me on.

"Yeah ... Okay, I guess ...," I said, trying not to reveal how anxious I was to get back upstairs. "It's cool ... She's your little sister ... So, if you need help with her, I got you."


"I guess ... Yeah. What are boyfriends for, right?"

Tiffany kissed me again passionately. And this time she began to grind up against me until my penis threatened to burst out of my pants

"Um ... Maybe I can come through on my way home from work ..."

I hesitated for dramatic effect ... Then I said, "That's cool. And then I watched her get in the car and drive off before I practically flew back up the stairs.

Locking the door behind me, I could tell that Cassidy had made herself at home from the sound of music originating from the front of the apartment.

As I got closer, I could see that she had turned off my television; dancing around in her bare feet as she'd skipped to a slow track on my MARIO WINANS C.D. entitled, Love Is In The Air.

I stood and watched as she swayed back and forth with her eyes closed. As the song ended, she opened her eyes and smiled. She'd been aware of my presence the whole time.

Suddenly her smile faded into a nervous expression as her eyes were cast downward. "Um ... So what do you want to do now?

I replayed the song and took Cassidy into my arms; her head against my chest as we danced.

We danced right out of the front and into my bedroom. And by the time the song faded into another, we were on my bed, kissing passionately.

The only thing I removed were her panties, though I removed all of my clothes. And as she lay on top of me, I kneaded her behind like bread dough. As I kneaded, I let my fingers slip into her wetness, then attempted to guide my manhood in as well. This I found slightly difficult. But once I got the tip of my desire inside of that hot, moist cavern, I just couldn't hardly contain myself.

By ten that night, I'd enjoyed Miss Cassidy every which way, all over my apartment. And I knew that after I dropped her off, I'd better get some sleep. Because in a few hours I would have to play a repeat performance for her sister. But not exactly a repeat performance.

For one, Tiffany was set in her ways --- kissing, touching, rubbing, traditional sex. It was like that and that was the way it was. But her sister on the other hand was a lot more eager to please ... I'll just leave it at that.

Number two was that, despite the fact that I had Tiffany within a few hours of enjoying Cassidy and in the same bed -- same sheets even -- when Tiffany left, she was pregnant. On the other hand, young Cassidy was.


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