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To All Those Who Seek Love From Afar.

Updated on January 18, 2010


To All Those Who Seek Love From Afar.

There is 
the tease ability,
versus the feasibilty,
as one sits without wings
to carry them,
thousands of miles
to paradise,
to bask in the warm sun,
the warm sums of
what is shared
in words of poetic bliss.

One must face the facts
of geographical severing,
and savor the dreams.

It is far more practical
for each to find
someone close by
to share with,
to explore together
in 3-D technicolor awe
the passions rendered
in times before
on screens, and notepaper
in the wee hours of
loneliness spent.

Each must teach a feasible
possibility found
in the reality of flesh,
all of the wonder and awe,
pressed onto black keys
and hungry extensions and orifices.

Dip a toe in
the waters of chance,
after being assured
one will not drown
again in the ocean of tears,
and then let another plunge
deeply into the well of silk,
the sheathe of sheer bliss.

Clasping the lessons,
and then lessening
the emptiness
surrounding them.

But abandon not
the thoughts expounded
pounded out in  l  o  n  g
columns such as this
but far more rewarding
when it is within hands reach.

we learn much from any and all
who have been lost
on the seas of emotions,
and who then have spent many
lovely years on the
islands of two.








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