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To Any Po- Who Has -et At The Table Of Contents.

Updated on January 1, 2010

To any Po- who has -et at the table of contents.

To all you

poetic waxers

left waning

who burnt

your candles

at both ends

and left a

trail of drippings

sealed with your

own impressions

that I could follow

to enlightenment

I thank you

for making a

sometimes dark

world cheery

and an often

cheery world dark,

for one must

know both sides

to understand

which paths to try

as life carries

them on a journey

to the final

light that we

all must follow

or face

darkness evermore.



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    • Zenobia J. profile image

      Ms. Zenobia Jackson 8 years ago from Huntington Station

      good..kept me interested.