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To Be Found (A Poem)

Updated on February 27, 2015

Self Love

To be, is to be found,
in the most infinite corner of yourself
to become raw to nature,
to travel through your storm, your desires,
to ravish your furious sky as in calling out to the heavens for help
to look back and remember every stone, every stream
to not only cherish the good
but all the bad in between
To be found is a profound adventure you take with yourself
with a backpack of hope, and failure in mind
Adventure you seek when you hide behind that mask of a fool,
a fool to yourself.
To be found, requires energy, strength and emotional power
to wake up,undress and scream "This is me"
to smile at what you like
Cringe at what you don't
to let your voice be heard even if it causes discontent,
to believe in what you believe, and stick firmly with it,
to be found, is the most beautiful art form you will create in your lifetime.
To be Found, is loving yourself, in every layer, every light
for once you find yourself,
the night will smile upon you,
and reflect your beauty in all of her might.


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