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To Be Like Belli

Updated on January 27, 2012

To Be Like Belli

“Why do I have to be so ugly?” Emma thought to herself. Every time she looked in the mirror, all she saw was a pimply faced overweight and ugly fifteen year old girl. Oh sure, mom said she was “beautiful”.. But she was her MOM; of course she would say that. She had to. Obviously she couldn't be further from the truth… Did she see any cute guys lining up to take her to the dance next weekend? And how many girls called her and asked her to hang out with her? That would be none.. “So there!”, she yelled at the mirror.. “Ugly, Ugly, Ugly!”

School days were tortuous. One day she had worn her Red Lobster t-shirt and some stupid boy had laughed and said she looked like a red lobster… huge and ugly. There was the time the kids in the neighborhood had chased her home from the bus stop singing…

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo,
I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you.
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee,
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.
What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?
Eating as much as an elephant eats.
What are you at getting terribly fat?
What do you think will come of that?
I don't like the look of it

To add to her mortification, Brent Clark had come out of his house right when they were chasing her down the street. What a sight she must have been!! Her hair was a mess, black streaks had been running down her face from crying and she was holding onto one shoe that had come off in the chase. She saw the laughter in his face. She saw the embarrassment he felt for her. But she didn't have time to stop and think about those things, she just wanted to get inside her house… away from everyone and everything.

Brent was a GOD… the perfect boy in Emma’s world. Tall, athletic and handsome. Could there be a more perfect specimen? He played Varsity football, and in a school as big as hers, a 9th grader playing Varsity football was like a 9 year old writing code for Microsoft.

Brent was the one she dreamt about when she dreamed about going to the school dances. He would hold her just right, and everyone would stop and stare as they slowly danced around the floor.

But what a pipe dream that was. He barely said two words to her, and she certainly didn't have the courage to start a conversation with him. Besides, Brent was in love with Isabella Cunningham. But then, who wasn't?

Oh how she longed to be Isabella Cunningham. Belli was beautiful. Her long dark hair was the envy of every girl in school. She had the prettiest green eyes, and she always wore the very best clothes. Of course when you are a size 2, clothes were not an issue. Try finding “cute” clothes when you’re a size 18. All the major brands didn't even have sizes close to that. Emma had to order her clothes off the Internet. Nothing ever seemed to be very cute; instead she felt more like a round beach ball draped in a tent. She hated clothes! She hated her life…

Emma sighed and pulled out her laptop. Within minutes she was immersed in the world of Quick Load. It was a program where you could instantly upload any picture you want to your account, and millions of your friends could see you, and take a peek into your private life. Who knows what went through Emma’s mind, but instead of uploading her own pictures, she began uploading ones that Isabella had posted on another site. Within minutes, she had 10 friends, within a half an hour, she had 35. This was amazing! She felt beautiful. So many people were commenting about how cute she was. Some wanted to know where she got the top in picture number 10. One really cute boy began a chat with her. They talked and talked and talked. By the end of the afternoon, Emma had given her number to Greg, and promises were made for an afternoon phone call the next day. She positively glowed when she went to bed that night.

The school day flew by, and Emma practically ran home, and this time she wasn't being chased! Right on time, Greg called. They laughed, they talked, they shared stories. Who cares that he lived 1800 miles away? It was a feeling that Emma had never experienced. She was beautiful to someone. She was friendly, she was upbeat, and she was funny. It was truly a great day.

The weeks flew by and in that time, Greg and Emma had become good friends. He had asked her to SKYPE with him, but she couldn't do that – then he would see how ugly she was. She lied and told him she didn't have a web cam, but she would ask her parents to get one. He seemed to buy her lie, and all was well. For a while.

The next day, Emma was sitting in the corner of the cafeteria watching all the hustle and bustle, when suddenly she was surrounded. It was the popular clique and they weren't there to invite her to a sleepover. Someone had seen her Quick Load profile, and everyone knew that was not her in the pictures. Isabella stood there, arms crossed, staring her down with all her friends backing her up. She demanded that Emma take the photos down, NOW!. Emma promised she would, but of course she didn't. How could she lose Greg now that they had become friends? What would he think when he found out she wasn’t the cute little young lady she had portrayed? She could not lose what she had, and so she didn't take the pictures or her account down.

The next few days were horrible. Every single person in school, it seemed, berated her. They told her she was creepy, a stalker. She was laughed at, she was ridiculed, and she was hit. Some people smacked her on the back side of her head. Some people punched her in the arm. Belli had slapped her in the face. Emma did not back down.

The second her mom came in the door, Emma knew that something was seriously wrong. The way the door slammed behind her and the look on her face spoke volumes. Her mom was angry. Very angry. The township police had called her at work, and wanted to inform her that her daughter was going to be charged with stalking. Things were said that cut through the heart. “How could you be so stupid?” “What were you thinking?” “What is wrong with the way you look?” Emma sank further and further down into her shoes. Why was her mom so blind? Couldn't she see how ugly she was? It didn't matter to her mom that for the first time, people were noticing her, were paying attention to her. It didn't matter to her that Emma had met Greg. All that mattered to her mom was fixing the problem.

The first thing her mom made her do was to replace the pictures on her Quick Load profile with ones that her mom took…of Emma. They were horrible. Emma cried and pleaded, to no avail. The pictures went up, along with an explanation of her deception. Emma was certain this was the end of her life. Her laptop was taken. Her cell phone was confiscated. There was no way to hide from the truth anymore. There was no way to take the ugly pictures back. She cried and cried and cried.

She stayed home from school the next day. Her mom felt that it would be best until she could talk to a lawyer, talk to the school, and get all the facts. Emma was relieved for the reprieve. Life surely would never be the same.

Around lunchtime, Emma’s mom called the house to check up on her. The phone just rang and rang and rang.

Be sure to check out Everyone Can't Be Emma as this story continues...

If this story touches you in any way, good or bad, please feel free to comment below. Your comments inspire me, encourage me, or help me to see the error of my ways and are always welcomed!


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    • bewhary profile image

      Bobbi 6 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      hello everyone! Be sure to stay tuned for "Part 2" Everyone Can't Be Emma... coming soon! :) Thank you for encouraging me..I appreciate it so much!

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Teenagers are the most abused people on the planet, and they do it to themselves. They and their peers never think they are pretty enough or popular enough. I wouldn't be a teenager again for anything. I have one more teenager to get through it. A girl, of course. Boys are so much easier. Good story.

    • bewhary profile image

      Bobbi 6 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      Thank you for stopping by and encouraging me! I appreciate it so much!

    • knottlena profile image

      knottlena 6 years ago from Connecticut

      Omg! This is just beautiful, and the way you leave us hanging on in the end just makes me want to cry. You bring Emma to life for the reader, I could feel her pain, and like many people out there no matter pretty or ugly, we can relate. Awesome job! Voting up.

    • anupma profile image

      Dr Anupma Srivastava 6 years ago from India

      Very heart-touching story. bad Looks can embarrass anyone, but in my opinion internal beauty is more important. But at 15 it is tough to understand.

      The story is really awesome.