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Inspirational Poetry By : Ryan C. Beitler

Updated on March 16, 2016


Every Poem on this page is the authentic work of RYAN C. BEITLER. I reserve the rights to everything that appears on this page as my own poetry. Thank You "0

Whether it be a singer or rapper,

an inspiring actress or actor,

even a comedian or local contractor.

All will tell you something happened..

Some type of chemical reaction occur

allowing it to happen for him or her to make it.

You could call it maxing out or a peak..

The best at the time or ever some will speak.

Soaring them to stardom touching their prime.

Ninety-nine percent slowly decline

for there is not enough strength in their lifeline,

of pain and beauty to maintain perfect continuity.

My mind design is of epic proportions

like Albert Einstein it never stop morphing.

Forever creating controversy like Abortion,

as being the best in his craft unless extortion!


My pen hold the secrets of eternity

so people are attracted like bees' sense potency,

to the picture perfect blue rose that define poetry.

So If you see me consider it rare.

I am from a special seed that require extra care.

Unlike any hybrid roses glare could share.


I can recall the agony and pain...

Like rain stain the cold November days

tears amassed only to again replay.

Days upon days putting me into a daze

leaving my body drained and heart strained,

from ludicrous accusations driving my mind insane!

Like a reality show blown out of proportion

this person tried to distort the truth and facts,

to see how I would react from extortion!

Trying to take the Greatest Treasure that be...

A princess that will ALWAYS belong to me,

regardless of the lies and adversity around thee.


" I ll make you famous "

My pen is always close to hand

like Billy The Kid in case of stubborn man.

A cult of words evolve into an army

ready for my signal of action,

in case something try an harm me.

They fly with perfect harmony

so if you like I can recite you name when I write,

making you famous when I ignite as a fool on sight!

Ingriedients of a Poet

When my mind design a thought

it swirls like a meteor pace in space,

awaiting the day to strike the world.

When the depths of my soul open up

my hearts shine blind the eyes,

like a beautiful pearl inside a clam.

My love is pure and plain to see

with a white doves grace for eternity,

placing my name in poetry eternally!

My eyes hold a majestic sunrise

that only the sea-gal ever see rise,

far out in the sea where human doesn't reside

Noas' Ark

Any scientist could study my brain

to realize my thoughts surf on different waves,

resulting in a Shakespeare play kind of way.

My mind paint images so to say

with a perfect mix of such love and pain,

so plain to see like the African plains.

When thoughts soar from my heart

they wear a cape in case of perfect art,

saving the world in case it flood like an art.

A produce Manager

Words are stuck deep down in my gullet

waiting for my brain to search through culling it.

The perfect words be selected like produce

inducing my mind to produce masterpieces,

slowly but perfect ; SO DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

Ace of Spades

My mind is unlike the common design

for it unwind one of a kind rhyme,

filling blank line right before the eyes.

At any time the Aries wick is sparked

bonding with a prime of poetic art,

shedding light and insight,

into a Titans brute strength and might.

The disaster not measure in length

rather acute with no way to evade

an Ace Of Spades put into use of play!


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