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To Edgar-

Updated on December 13, 2011

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It was many
And many a year ago
In a castle by the sand
Where I first met
My one true love
Where I first held his hand
And this boy
His one desire in life
Was to give me a ring
And make me his wife

But we were both young
And very naive
So whimsically green
Willing to believe
And this is the reason
The angels grew mad
Mad with envy
For the love that we had

So the cherubs sent a storm
Of lightning and rage
With us unprepared
For the war they would wage
Down fell my wounded solider
My Beloved and Betrothed
But our love's strength was stronger
Than that of how they loathed

Though they halted his life
Our love remained pure
Our love is eternal
Of this I am sure
And not a night passes
I don't lie in the grasses
Laying beside him
Holding his hand
Dreaming of that castle
That castle by the sand


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