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Writing Religious Articles.....Should you? Could you......

Updated on April 11, 2015

To Err is Human; To Forgive ... Divine

How does one write about religion? Carefully!

The topic of religion is as varied as the number of people who occupy the planet. Most of us have been indoctrinated with one religion or another from the time we emerge into this world until the last breath is exhaled. Generally, we are who we are told we are and some sort of faith based religion is part of it.

However....and this is a big however.....religious articles do find their way into the list of popular subjects. As a writer, the field is wide open. Choose a stance.....for or against....decided or undecided, it doesn't seem to matter at all. Agnostics who are still trying to make up their mind about religion, atheists who have made up their mind but deep down inside want to be convinced their wrong, that somewhere there is an answer, some sort of evidence, some iota, even a smidgeon of proof that God and an afterlife really do exist, the believer, all are candidates as an audience for a religion based writer.

1. Start with a premise

What is your angle? Are you writing to prove a point about a religious belief? Is yours a testimony of personal conviction? Are you hoping to inspire or to dissuade?

2. Gather a few facts

Facts are lovely things....they add meat to the bone of your article. However, most "facts" are faith-based when it comes to religion as there is little proof to the question of God, an after-life or forgiveness of sins whatever those sins may be if indeed there really is a such a thing as sin.Sin is in the eye of the beholder. What's a sin in one culture may be perfectly acceptable in another. But backing up with premise of an article with a few good quotes from a scholar or two can certainly add punch to an opinionated piece.

3. Create a strong beginning and a powerful ending

Have you developed a "hook" in the opening line or at least in the first paragraph? What will make a reader want to not only read your article but finish it? A strong opening line will draw a reader into the article or story but how will you keep the reader's interest?

One way to hang onto a reader is to ask a question, THEN answer the question as thoroughly as possible. Even an opinionated article can make a good argument if the answer is balanced and makes sense.

Writing religious articles can certainly open a lot of avenues to many interesting discussions. In polite company we are warned against entering the realm of politics and religion, but in the corridors of the blogosphere ... go for it!


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