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To Focus On All The Joys Of Life

Updated on August 6, 2014

One At A Time Of Course

We have seen it all

The never ending series of everything from good to bad

Now I can't change the bad in your life but you can

By starting with the good and focus on it like you should

If bad times do appear

All you have to do is accept them as they are

Think of a better way to change it back to good again

Focus on the good because that is what you always deserve

There is no need to doubt yourself

Your body has the best mind better than any computer in the world

Let's put it to work to ask what if I ?

Give this a try

I will try once more

See what happens

A change in the right direction

I will think again

Another positive change

I can't wait

This game I play

I can go on and on all day

Now as my life gets better and better

I will keep my eye on you

Keep up the great work

I am doing pretty good too

Life is too short to do anything else

Accept the positive and all the good that comes

If there are minor setbacks

Think it through

Accept the negative thought

Then let it go

It has no power over you

You are creating a better life

Right here and now

The past is the past

A memory that will fade

When all you remember is the goodness of each day

You have mastered the art

I call it positive art

That brings everything I love into my life

Now I am working on a few setbacks of my own

I have been burping for no reason at all

I will say it again

I love to do so many things and burping is not one of them

So on with more good thoughts

Now I have an itch

I have to scratch

With the burping and itch under controll

Now on to more good thoughts

I will do this as long as it takes

it makes me feel so good inside

I have nothing to hide

I think it is great to do something where all you have to do is think

Then watch and see if it works

I like to keep a journal

Then I see progress in it's greatest hour

What is nicer and more fun than a practice run

A game of trial and error

That lasts forever


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee This year has had so many ups and downs it is hard to figure out where I stand at any given moment. Lucky for us we never stop trying and we keep shooting for the stars. With plenty room for improvement up we go. Thank you for sharing and your garden sounds delicious. I will send extra prayers your way because it just takes one good thing that can keep expanding to create many wonderful things. Have a beautiful night.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      All I can say is that this summer is one of the toughest because we have hit rock bottom financially. However on the good side is that God has seen that we are good folks and we're not giving up. Eventually we will get back on our feet so our greenhouse is filling up with cucumbers and tomatoes.