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Questioning the Existence of Emotions

Updated on July 1, 2016

Numbness, is there a medical term for it? There must be. There is something for everything and if there is nothing, you create something. Easy does it. In this godforsaken....godforsaken....interesting term, isn’t it? Is there a medical term for distraction? Is distraction a medical issue?

Repetition too is a problem. It isn’t a fancy figure of speech. Is life repeated? Does it exist beyond falsities and illusions? I mean who the hell are we making a fool of? We shall all die and we don’t know what lies beyond death. We know of life and so we live in the fear of the aftermath. What makes a smooth transition? What is it that you will have to do to have a painless death and a happily after death? Sure, there is hellfire, rebirth and Darwin but Darwin doesn’t exactly explain the aftermath, does he.

Blabbering, is there a medical term for it? Is there a medicine for it? Can everything be remedied? Does Google really have all the answers? A best friend’s T-shirt reads ‘Google doesn’t have all the answers so come to me.’ No one goes to him. Everyone hates him. Ironically there is a picture of a hermit either below or above this caption. Hermits are supposed to be Brahmins.

After all, before the monopoly of Google, other sources did exist for seeking answers. Yes, you went to a best friend, you looked through a library, you asked parents or teachers and in doing that you retained some of your humility and played down your ego. Even then, not everyone was willing enough to admit ignorance. A lot of people chose to live with it. Wise, very wise!

Surely, more than ego, it was the fear of insult that bothered them. After all, doesn’t ego bear insult and then, insult bears ego. Doesn’t matter anymore! The prudence of knowledge through the internet shows on the faces of human beings. As the world continues to shrink, as the universe continues to expand, an explosion on all fronts isn’t far off.

May be, there is another universe, maybe there is an alternative world and maybe, there isn’t. Yet, this is the illusion we have no choice but to believe in, this very existence is what we have to hold on to and hold on to it, we do! With heart, soul, compassion and passion! Until death do us apart!

Who does death pull apart though? The body and the soul or the world and the body... Confusing and chaotic are the ways of the world. How many of us can die with full knowledge of hurting someone? Yet, some have died knowing they have killed.

Killing, there definitely should be a medical term for killing. To take another life, to condemn it to a place that is unknown to mankind and everyone else, either it is too gutsy, or utterly stupid or a medical issue. Does the world have so many medical issues or it has simply lost its emotional capabilities?


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