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To Take A Risk--A Poem

Updated on February 4, 2017

I wrote a lot of poetry in college. Mostly about finding God and learning to let go and be free in Him. This particular poem deals with the idea of not just letting in God, but letting in others too. Joy and happiness can come from change that is hard and awkward. There may be darkness and uncertainty, but with God there is always a light and a silver lining through every hardship.


To take a risk,

What does that take?

An open mind, an open heart,

Maybe a willingness to part,

From all I know and hold close

To let go and surrender to the Holy Ghost.

To take this risk I must walk to the edge

As I stand at this wall, I make my new pledge.

I promise to stand strong, to not run away

To be open and stay in Your light’s rays.

To stand on Christ my solid rock

For He saved the world I have not forgot.

Taking down bricks, inch by inch

Slowly releasing my heart’s cinch.

The wall is getting shorter, and soon there’s a gap

But it’s still too small for anyone to pass.

This wall is no longer strong, but shattered and cracked

Still there are things I know that I lack.

Weary and broken I make my way to the ledge,

Listening to the promises of my new pledge.

Looking out into the unseen, I know what it is that I must do

But I can’t, I won’t, don’t make me jump. There’s still too much left undone.

I begin to shake,

And I know Your presence has entered this place.

Without a doubt I know it’s time, time to let go,

To trust, and to jump into the unknown.

Taking the risks I’ve wanted to for so long

Now with you both by my side, what could possibly go wrong?

Breaking of the clouds after the storm
Breaking of the clouds after the storm | Source

I believe in His love, mercy, and grace

And I long to be held in His embrace.

I trust You to do, what needs to be done

Even if I have to change, to become undone.

So I take your hands and say a quick prayer

Knowing neither can come with me there.

But after this leap I know we’ll be together again

Our relationships amend.

It’s time to let go

And prepare to enter the unknown.

I take my next step and I’m falling off the ledge

Why did I ever make this silly pledge?

It’s just me falling, nothing, empty space

And darkness accompanies me in this place.

Then it hits me as I fall,

And I know why I’ve answered Your call.

I wasn’t made to be alone

You made others so that together we can make Your name known.

These walls only hurt me and keep others out; they need to come down if even for just one

As long as we’re together with Your Son.

There’s no need to be afraid, to be scared

Because I know You will meet us there.

I’m no longer falling through empty space

But being lifted up, held in Your embrace

Again I shake

Knowing this is more than I can take

I fall to my knees crying and weeping

Praying, searching, and seeking.

Soon I’m lifted high above the darkness and back to the light

And together again the three of us reunite.


Together we go, down this new road

Walking hand in hand our journey unknown.

Without this one wall, you’re free to roam

To enter and learn, what you could not see or have ever known.

Now we can continue to grow, while we walk these miles

Sharing in stories, laughter, and smiles.

© 2011 Cholee Clay


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