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To The Lady Who Cried Down The Street

Updated on June 3, 2017

The second poem in the series is out!

The poem is a continuation, similar to a spin-off, of the first poem entitled 'To The Man Who Gave Me A Bouquet of Roses'. If you haven't read the first one, I recommend you do so.

Under The Light Of The Lamp
Under The Light Of The Lamp | Source

Although we have never met,

And only my eyes could set,

But a lady crying down the street,

Is the last thing I’d forget.

As your face was covered in despair,

I could only do nothing but stare,

For actions are useless and bare,

And life will always be unfair.

For all I know you’d only steal,

Using your beautiful appeal,

And your acts would conceal,

Your own mind’s darkest will.

But my heart begins to falter,

The sight of you makes me waver,

I tried to avoid this matter,

But it keeps on getting stronger.

With all courage I decided,

To walk to you wholehearted,

Yet a knight seems so fleet,

To knock you off your feet.


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