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To The Person In Front of Me That I’ll Never Dare To Know

Updated on November 8, 2011
This flower represents the bright hope and possibility shown at the end of this poem.
This flower represents the bright hope and possibility shown at the end of this poem.

To The Person In Front of Me That I’ll Never Dare To Know

What would it be like if I got to know you?

Would I find you fascinating?


Creatively intimidating?

Would I be able to see past my own superficial prejudices long enough to get to know you?

To see the true depths beyond who you purport to be

Past the flicker of what you present to the world

Would I judge you?

Would I deem you so initially interesting that the reality of you could never live up to the image of you?’

Exaggerate your flaws into full-fledged annoyances and become too frustrated to gear your soft whisper beneath my screaming ego

Could we have just coffee and conversation?

Or would we drown in cocktails and creative differences?

Would a meal become and endless stretch of silence?

Or worse, would it be an hour comprised entirely of a constant inner monologue creating white noise over my ability to hear anything you were actually saying despite my uncanny ability to respond aloud appropriately?

Would I be able to see you cry

Without fixing you, abhorring you, pitying you?

Would I be able to laugh at the little things that you find funny?

Would I deal with your youth by telling myself that you are petty, naïve, ignorant, idealistic in an idiotic way?

Or could I see you in honesty and learn from you about what exists in my own inner sanctum?

Can I get to know you?

Can we fly beyond this moment and into another?

Can we immerse ourselves in this moment completely?

Can I trust my own instincts enough to proceed?

Can I love without losing myself?

Can I love without losing?

Someday perhaps.

About this poem

I initially wrote the bare bones of this poem while I was watching a woman at a coffee shop as I did some writing. When I was younger, I didn’t befriend women easily. I have since confronted the demons that caused that to be such a huge problem and have grown to have many great female friends. But it’s hard to make friends in an adult world and as I looked at her I wondered if it was possible to turn her into a friend or if all of those prejudices of the past would continue to be barriers in making connections with strangers.

Later, I picked up the sketch of that poem and re-worked it with a new meaning. This time, I was thinking about how hard it is to jump into new romantic relationships after we’ve been damaged by the failed romance of the past. We come to first dates with preconceived notions and judgments and we are hesitant in every step. Mostly we don’t trust ourselves enough to know when and whom to love. It’s scary, but it’s important to try, and it’s possible … possible both to make new friends and to fall in love! That’s what this poem is about.


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  • JSParker profile image

    JSParker 6 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

    Well, here you go to the heart of the matter. My church women's group has been discussing "Radical Hospitality" which is reaching out to the stranger, beyond fear. My sister has been going through the frustrations of online dating, but has found her life mate. It is worth it. But in the meantime, it can be very scary and very tedious.

  • ronhi profile image

    ronhi 6 years ago from Kenya

    was reading the explanation part and on the second paragraph, i thought you will say, "later i picked up a conversation with her and we we soon friends..." lol

    This is a great poem. I always dread first meetings...but that's because am kinda shy. Voted up