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To Win or Lose, no Matter

Updated on May 13, 2013

To Win or Lose, no Matter

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Laurels crisp from challenges won,

imbue the heart when day is done,

restore the faith in power fake,

ego launched a prime mistake.

No balance sought, no outcome seen,

victory is a hollow dream,

alive with self-importance made,

through forcing wills with life’s dismay.

A shallow task to win the hearts,

of those too dull what life imparts,

the conquest gained at one’s expense,

is not success in any sense.

Winning is a state of mind,

not forced or gained through spite of kind,

outcomes won through what we want,

are gifts of thought not forced affronts.

Competition remains in self,

to better understand the wealth,

of inner strength and potential we,

can utilise our lives to see.

To win or lose holds little truth,

it is the lessons learned that give life tooth,

to grasp the balance we can attain,

in knowledge sweet a serene refrain.


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