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To a young Man Or Woman Headed Off to War.

Updated on February 21, 2017

"Godspeed And Return To Sender Please!"

Please always remember to............
Grow eyes in the back of your head,
take notice of all the things around you,
things that before you might have simply ignored.

Develop a three mile stare.

Sharpen your hearing,
turn down those headphones for a while,
listen harder for small sounds.

Go out late at night and just study
all the motion and the rustles around you,
make sure you get your hearing checked thoroughly.

Practice being quiet,
walk on gravel, sand, branches, twigs,
and then strive to transmit the most
minimal amount of sound possible.

Use your sense of smell to try detecting
any approaching odors before you see them.
Use saline drops to keep your nostrils clear.

Use your common sense,
from now till when you leave for any war zone.
Be aware of all that goes on around you.
Watch your back, your sides and your front,
as if you were in a pit of rattlesnakes,
because you will be.

Get on the right track with God,
he is your best ally and his name
as well as your Mom's will be
the two names you will call on the most....
and the last one many have called upon.

Strengthen your endurance,
run till you can't run anymore,
and then run some more,
hold your breath until

you can't hold it anymore,
and then hold it again.

Learn to swim without arms,
using just your legs, and vice versa.

Build up your muscles to their top potential
so that they are always there for you.

Expect the unexpected,
have your friends try to sneak up on you
and then catch them in the act.

Clear your head of all problems
and commitments back home,
so many have been felled
after some trouble stateside

distracted them.

Lose all of your vices,
a cigarette being lit
has killed more men in battle

then bullets sometimes,
Alcohol has no place there, and drugs
are the enemy’s best defense.

Go in bravely, fight hard
and be confident that you can win,
using all the tools above,
and some of your own from your soul.

Never be afraid or reluctant to kill,
or you will be killed.
You can be merciful in killing,
make it quick, clean,

and as painless as possible.

For killing leaves scars
that you must carry all your life,
let them be merciful scars
that were wrought for just causes.

Wear your body armor always,
your safety belts, helmets,

tethers and life jackets,
no matter how hot it gets,
no matter what the circumstances.

you would not believe how many men
have drowned in that stupid desert.

Pray often and sincerely
for God hears a warrior’s prayers
and if it's in his will he answers,
and if it's not then you will receive
a glorious award for your sacrifices...
not here on earth, but in heaven.

Make no rash decisions,
proceed slowly, trust your instincts,
and we will see you

when your tour is through,
A changed person,

but a true survivor and a patriot.

There are many

heroes in my book
but mostly dead ones,
those who risked it all

to save others.

You don't have to

be a hero, just be.
Peace to you and yours.
My hopes and prayers

go with you....

my flesh would too but I

am a retired warrior.

Godspeed to you,
and a Teflon coat of love,
to wrap around you,
so that no pain

nor sorrow ever sticks
beyond the moments it is dealt.



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    • PrettyPanther profile image

      PrettyPanther 8 years ago from Oregon

      I liked this a lot; it affected me. Nice work.