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How To Be A Writer

Updated on April 30, 2017

It is difficult to advise you about how to be a writer, because if you don't have the talent then you will fail.
But if you have the talent, then it is all about the practice.
A writer is the one who writes and that means you have to write to be a writer.
Read a lot and write a lot and with time you will be a professional writer.

Writing is not an easy job if you don’t have a subject to write about it.
To start writing about a subject, you should find the main idea which attracts the remaining ideas and make it a complete poem, novel, article or whatever else.
Search inside your head for a memory which affected you and formed your personality.
Search inside your heart for a hidden feeling which can't forget even in your dreams.
Search around you for a story which happened to someone and all people still talking about it.
write about a popular subject which is happening in the world and all people wants to know more about it.

To attract readers to read what you write, you should write from your heart.
Color it with shining colors if it is a happy thing and color it with dark colors if it is a sad thing.
Let your readers laugh and cry with your words and fill their hearts with happiness or sadness. Let then share your thoughts and feelings as if the are their thoughts and feelings.

The title is very important to attract the readers to start reading, then you should catch their eyes with your words so they can't close it till they finish reading.
The title should give an abstract idea about the target and at the same time make then wondering about the details so they continue reading to know it.

You should convince them that you are telling the truth or you are searching for it. Never try to control their mind as if you are the only one who has the truth.

You and them at the same side. You all are on the same team.

Choose your words carefully and make it clear. Simplicity is a beautiful way to make your readers feel comfortable.
Don't push them to open the dictionary many times to know the meaning of your words.

At the end of the trip, you should be sure that your ideas were very clear and your visitors are satisfied enough to like reading again what you write.


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