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To Be Me Again ( An Original Composition by Marie Lorabelle Reboya ) 2001

Updated on April 14, 2015


I wrote this poem about 9 years ago I was only 16 years OLD that time I remember I'm holding an index card and discerning for something.I don't know what makes me wrote this.


I've known you before

but my feeling is so unsure;

No one knows it, just by my own,

And tried to keep you for so long.

You fond of teasing me ,

and hating you for being gaudy;

Its enough! I don't want to hear your insult.

Which could armed my teeth to control myself.

My patience and meekness has been ended.

This is the time to speak out and elevate;but

Instead of expressing my atrocity,

you show me your kindness and worthy.

My friends told me that you love me.

Thinking that it was only a hypocrisy

Many times had been passed,

I'm just waiting you to comeback.

I missed you the way you are,

In my mind you're so far.

But my heart keeps on longing

Honesty in my dream I'm pretending

It is better to be nothing,

For I don't feel the pain within

And I was looking for myself

TO BE ME AGAIN........



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