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To build a wrath of knowledge read books

Updated on May 16, 2017
Just a few of the books in my collection of books to build my wrath of knowledge
Just a few of the books in my collection of books to build my wrath of knowledge

To Build a wrath of Knowledge read books

How does one build a wrath of knowledge? Do you use the internet which is the most up and coming thing nowadays? or do you use books? Think about that for a minute, though, how many people actually pick up and book and read them? I mean an actual book not reading off an E-reader or reading iBooks. Actual paperback or hardcover books. A lot of people will read books but they don’t leave the house to buy them they just buy them off iBooks and they have them on their phones or an iPad. Do people still go to the library to get books out? Reading is limitless because almost anything can be read these days.

Having an E- reader is still having books or having books on your iPhone i- books are still books but why wouldn’t you want to hold the book in your hand. Although it is a lot easier to have the book on an E-reader or through iBooks but what if you want to lend them out to people? I have books on both an iPhone and paper or hardcover. I have a lot of books actually too many some people might say, but I love reading and that is why I have so many. If you check out my limit vs no limit post you will understand why I like reading so much.

There are many benefits to reading books, the benefits include, better memory and spelling, a better understanding of writing. I have found this out because I have been reading since the age of six continuously. I remember one day I went to the public library and took a book out, and then I lost the book and had to pay for it in the end. The reason why is because once I found the book it was stained and I didn’t even know about it so I had to pay for the actual book and the late fee after that happened, I decided that I would just buy books instead of going to the library. At one point I was reading anything that I could get my hands on. I remember one day before I went for a long trip I asked my mom for another book because I had read all the books on my bookshelf, everyone remembers the scholastic books that the schools sold when you were in elementary school don’t you? Well, my mom would buy a bunch at a time and then she would give them to us when we asked for them.

I even remember going to the book fair that our school hosted and spent the entire time trying to pick out one or two books to buy instead of all the books that were there. When you read books you go through phases, there is the mystery phase, the romance phase, the vampire phase or even the comic book phase. I have gone through all those phases more than once. If you look at the books that I have now, they don’t all fit on my bookshelf, and I have since changed my bookshelf from what I had before and they still don’t fit. I just have too many books. I read all the time, it doesn’t matter what I am doing.I could be in the car, watching television or even eating dinner. Can you believe it eating dinner I have been caught reading a book, not that my family likes it but I have been known to read and eat at once?

There are some books that I have purchased and read, that weren’t interesting and it was very hard to finish them, but then there are others that I can’t put down. To build a wrath of knowledge do you think that it matters what books you read? I don’t think that it matters as long as you are trying to build some sort of knowledge and keep with that type of book to build that knowledge. Most people read as a past time, to calm their minds. Although that depends on the person, and what their reading and why. I know that some people read because they have to for their jobs.

Most people read books because it is something comforting and calming for them. Other people don’t like reading at all because they don’t find it calming but it also depends on the person you ask about reading. If they don’t like to read then having them pick up a book is not going to be something that they enjoy and they are going to think of it like work and who wants to work after they have worked an eight-hour shift at their job? This also depends on the type of book that the person is reading. Since there are so many different genres of books many people find the genre they like and read that, to gain new knowledge to use in their everyday life.

To build a wrath of Knowledge read books

How many books do you read at a time?

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Knowledge requires reading constantly

I love reading and since I read all the time, I have gained a wrath of knowledge about certain things because if they are in books then it has to be true in a sense doesn’t it, or else why would people write it in a book. I guess what I am trying to say if you want a wrath of knowledge and love to read then keep at it, it will benefit you in the end. If I could read all day long I would that is how much I love it. If you check out my limit vs no limit hub you will see why I wrote a hub about reading and why I love it so much.

Reading books builds limitless amounts of knowledge. So never stop reading if you always want to build you knowledge. Reading limitless types of books is what really builds knowledge especially if it is a subject you enjoy.

I realized this weekend when I was looking at my bookshelf that, I have read almost all the books I own. I have three more to read and then I am going to be done, them this will be the second time in my entire life that I have read all the books that I own, the last time that ever happened I was about 12 I think. Isn't that cool? I love reading because you can get lost in it for hours and learn a limitless amount of new things without feeling like you are actually learning.

Most people read to relax and to be transported into a different world, the world of the author who wrote the book. Which to most readers is calming and fun in a limitless way. At least that is what I think about it, and the fact that you can learn at the same time is great because you can give yourself, options on how to learn new things when you read any book. All the books that people read have something in them that we can learn from even though we don't know it at the time, but that is likely the reason why we picked up the book in the first place. It can't always be just because of the way the cover looks and what is written on the back.

Any book that you read, can make you knowledgeable in any subject. You just have to look for the things in the book relating to the subject you are working with and that is how it will work. At least that is how I look at it, when I read sometimes I come up with other topics for blog posts it just depends on the topic I am looking to write about. Most of the time when I am looking for limitless ideas for posts I read my novels and see if they will help me come up with ideas. So I guess what I am trying to say is that books can A) help you build a wrath of knowledge on certain subjects and B) reading books can also give you ideas for new blog posts. So don't ward reading out when you are looking to gain knowledge. Reading is a great way to gain knowledge and for the most part, we don't even realize we are gaining it until later on after the book we have read is long finished.

My Bookshelf I have ready all of these but four
My Bookshelf I have ready all of these but four

Read to your hearts content

Reading can take you to a limitless amount of places that you have never been before. It can take you on a limitless number of different adventures. who doesn't like a limitless number of different adventures that a book can give you? Books can be a limitless escape from reality and it can be fun to read them too. So if you are a reader, read to your heart's content and see where it takes you.

Do you enjoy reading do you think it builds knowledge? Let's discuss

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    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      This is a great hub! I too enjoy reading and would read every chance I get. I usually try to only read one or two books at a time, not including books for class.

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great hub Lorraine with a wealth of knowledge on a good subject matter. Voted up for useful!