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To the Life Full of Wonders

Updated on August 22, 2020
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I showed my observation about life in experiencing matters with time.

“Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”

Reasons we should be interested in being helpful for others is the way forward. How to be able to do that is the real quest. Don't make the mistake of judging anyone, stay neutral you will understand everything in its due time. Everything you will ever want to know is by learning from someone's experiences here you will have plenty of those. So you have to decide what is better being judgemental or being someone who is open to exploration.

A Day!

Let's spend a day without caring what or how bad the world is, how difficult life is?, How challenging the circumstances are and How tough the days Are?. We think too much about what's happening around and what the people are doing or saying about us that we forget to care for ourselves. Life is simple until we complicate it otherwise. Things don't get easier until we are ready enough to face them. Nothing coming our way is bigger than our abilities to be through it. Let's sit down idly, just for the sake of our own, Make a moment outta nothing and live it to the fullest. Thinking about as if it were all I was waiting for. We can choose to be happy and strong or can be overshadowed by the thoughts of not doing well enough. Let's not think about otherworldly things for a while and be lost in the world of our imaginations. Let's take a cup of tea sit by the running track in a grassy plot and feel the wind making the leaves whisper.

Look At Natural Wonders

Let's look upon the sky and think we are lucky enough to have this roof, changing its colour day and night, letting the sun rule it in the day time and then becoming home to those countless wandering stars at night.
Let's are thankful for the little things we have and do not worry about our problems for a while.

Nothing is Permanent

Let's laugh for those sweet times we could still be at the sake of each other in a bond defined by harmony, love, care, respect and equality. Let's forget for a while that earning a living is the biggest motto of our life and do some act of kindness, without any care for the reward, without any hope for the appreciation and feel ourselves again. Nothing is permanent in this life, these moments, these times, these people, these situations, these things, they will be gone in a blink of an eye and time will come we will be lying in a grave ready to be left with nothing at all, at that time who would care about anything at all but our deeds we left others thankful for.
Here in this world, we will be living for some time. Leaving our mark might be the achievement we all look for, But having knowledge of our own-self should be the goal whatsoever. Making others happy is a good job but being happy with your actions is the real deal.
No one can be happy without having a clear conscience and that happens if you will be a responsible person. Society might not accept you sometimes but they will definitely mention us once they get to know us. It doesn't matter if you are bad in someone's story all that matters is there's a story related to being talked about. You will never be loved by everyone, you will never be praised by everyone, and even you will not be judged by everyone.
There are people that will help you be more and more relevant and then there will be those who will be giving you a tough time. But it all matters until you are there with them. Once you are gone the stories will vanish, the opinions will vanish and all that will be left will be the memories of you being the one who meant something to your loved ones. Just like Keanu Reeves replied to the question of what happens when we die?? " I know one thing that those who love us will miss us."

Our life ain't worth the mindset of people dragging others down. What we choose to do with our lives cannot achieve something better without being ready for all that comes our way to test us.

That One Sibling Who Never Misses to Take Your Class Even If You Miss the School

While growing up in brown families you are raised in a kind of environment where with every day passing you have to realise who is the boss there. Dealing with parents is easy. But boy o boy, there are different domains if you are the youngest sibling in which you have to answer more than one masters of the family.
Elder brother is the one who uses you as his servant to send you to bring him eatables so that you could continue playing a game with him on the computer, having to the waiter for him is also part of the job, Then there is the middle one to whom you should be bowling as if he were to lift the world cup for the nation but if by any chance you were to get him out earlier than he wanted, he would show you the deadliest kind of bowler inside of him, yeah that's true and relatable, we've all been there.
Among all of these legends, there is still one sibling who is more dangerous than them all, mostly a sister. She cleans the house with a broomstick, a responsibility entrusted to her by parents.

Life Wants


A true artist is never happy because of the price he receives for his masterpiece but he is happy that all the hard work he put into crafting that masterpiece paid off and he was able to complete it. Self-satisfaction is the biggest achievement we can look for.
We have to be thankful for what we have, be nice to one another and live the life to fullest and never for a second doubt ourselves by submitting to our hardships.


We Must Thank Almighty For What we have

Let's cherish everything and are grateful to Almighty for all what we have because believe me whatever we are having is the best of times we will ever have.

Sometimes words seem to be random but they ought to mean something, whatever you perceive by seeing these posts depends on you, I just believe we should never let go of hope. Like Andy Dufresne from Shawshank redemption said: " Hope is a good thing, probably the best of the things and no good thing ever dies."

I also believe we should make the best of our times just so we can be peacefully together to think through some tough times.

There is a better day for those who strive for it and a better world for those who hope for it.

When nothing seems the only way, looking for something maybe a way to do.

It is alright to be mad sometimes because madness can be helpful sometimes.


Love is What We All Deserve

Definition of life as simple as being lively and is also as complex as not being sure what exactly to expect from it, Life is a combination of complex things, dealing the things with quite peacefully always gives people an upper hand, but being restless is of no use.
Life is beautiful when we have those we love and those who love us. The very idea of love is fascinating. After doing everything to achieve everything we ever dreamed of we finally realise that we will give anything to be with those who matter, those with whom we can enjoy ourselves, to whom we can give what we achieve or with those who appreciate us for being our true selves, they are those who value us for who we are for not what we have in the shape of worldly things. There's so much hate making its place inside our hearts corrupting our souls. It is but sad we still classify people by the tone of their colour, religion, region, language and way of living. We try and formulate divisions that never help us in any way.


A Moment of Hope Beyond This Pandemic, Yeah I have seen it.

The situation is serious, the courage is broken before a step is taken, the steps are heavy, the eye is raised towards the sky but eyelids drop due to overwhelming regret, the hearing seeks to hear the words of hope but the words are dripping with fear, the tongue wants to compliment this delicious fruit but the senses are not answering, hands dare to rise up for prayer but are hesitant when the words reach the tongue ... I can see a bird sitting on a poplar tree from the window, he is praising Allah or he is singing his complaints about the pitiful condition of the poplar tree to Him, only Almighty knows. It is not easy to understand but he is in conversation with the Lord. I have a little idea of ​​that. Someone's voice is echoing. "Yes, this is Mohi-ud-Din, in whose voice Allah has provided a charminDon'ttraDon'tn."

Don't Judge A Book by its Cover

To the life that tests us and makes us a better version of ourselves. Every person around us is just like a book placed in the library. We don't have to judge a book by its cover but we have to see what's inside them. Observation is key to every experience to be fruitful and only observations that matter are the ones made with a heart that wasn't convinced about a particular aspect of a person.

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