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To the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Updated on July 30, 2011

if looking for definition

a moment of thought

it isn't hard to tell the three apart

justice, revenge and evil

but for the record

or what my pen is worth

it is profitable

if I say it in verse

then perhaps it might be understood

maybe I'm wrong

a shot in the dark

a wistful song

justice the passionless balance of law

called upon by those who witness

balanced but demanding

full of authority

rightness and truth

ruthless in its claim

unyielding to have its due.

revenge the hot blooded demand for recompense

non authorized

a crime of the young

those who see moment's slipping by

and covet every one

seeking to right wrongs

with eyes blind with rage

not counting the cost

slightly deranged

anyone can fall into this counterfeit at times

it is a bitter cup

that doesn't satisfy

evil the cold blooded passion for destruction

ugliness to the core

driven by passions long pase

turned to cold acts of horror

no conscience to halt it

killed long ago

all that is known

is the restless craving for more

and the obliteration of all

who might awaken the heart

So do these three stand equally apart

hard to distinguish from outside the heart

but from within

the maters are stark

ebony and alabaster

but the line between them

too narrow to bother with

tis easier and better for the soul

to be merciful and forget it

then to go down this other slippery slope

from which there is no return.


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