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Updated on March 21, 2010

“I’m listening”, is what he said

as he joined her in their double bed

“What do you want me to do”?

For men have a need to “fix” it’s true.

“To listen dear one is all of you I ask”

“Are you up to this very easy task”?

He sighed, knowing he was more able

to fix the car or the broken table.

But of other things he felt not strong,

in fixing things that have gone wrong,.

Now isn’t that just like a guy?

They do not like it when we cry.

“I do not need you to fix me dear

Just lend me some empathy with your ear”.

She talked of things that upset her day

the kids fighting when they tried to play

Her pants had ripped out in the seams

and she should have passed on some ice cream.

She lamented about wanting to just go away

and waking up along the shore or bay

And dishes, laundry, chores and work

and her boss that was a foolish jerk.

And when she ended, she felt so light

as knew she could sleep better through the night.

Again he asked her: “what shall I do”?

“I have no answers to give to you”.

She smiled and kissed him on his cheek

“you have no answers to for which I seek

But that you took the time to care

while I lay my soul out cold and bare

to the heartache of one given day

and did not choose to run away...”

She smiled again, and then he knew.

Listening was all she wanted him to do!


To really listen is heaven sent, a beautiful action, a compliment.


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