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To The Wild Wind (poem)

Updated on November 16, 2012

What do I call this wild wind in my mind

A love or just a fleeting fantasy

Should I enjoy a dream or should I see

To what might be would truth be more refined


Do I love lady or what seems to be

Could kiss her touch her mood there be as kind

And would this something grow or set resigned

What is this wild wind she has loosed through me


And if I dare to find out what is real

Would desire see decline or change in theme


And if I dare to tell her how I feel

Would she remain the source of wonder’s gleam


And if I dare to wild wind heart reveal

Would I be happy with my chosen dream


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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and beautiful. Great pic and video.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      As usual, you have done a superb job with the words and the photos.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      The opening photo is a dramatic point in following through on the poem. Well done and very pasionate!

    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Its been so long since I have dove into the sultry sound of Nina. How before her time she was.

      Wind passes but what joys to be had...

      :) Thank you for finding me so that I can in turn find you.

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 5 years ago from Georgia

      This is lovely. I voted it up and beautiful!

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 5 years ago from Georgia

      Love really can be a "wild wind." I never thought of it that way before, but it's truly apt! Good job!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Another beautiful one Martin..Loved it..

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Sometimes the legend we build up in our minds so overshadows the reality.

      Great write

    • Simba73 profile image

      Simba73 5 years ago from UK

      Mhatter ,

      THis is an awesome write from you again it flows so well and the shortening of the last stanza's creates awesome candence of the writers undicided options before him.

      love it mate !!!


    • profile image

      Ghaelach 5 years ago

      A Wonderful poem Martin.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • profile image

      Janhorner 5 years ago

      I love this, 'wild as the wind.' You are truly a romantic poet! Voted up,


    • LaThing profile image

      LaThing 5 years ago from From a World Within, USA

      In love and in doubt, What a dilemma!! Beautifully written, MH. Love your style :)

      Voting up and awesome......

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Ah, love alas sweet love. Unleashing its wild wind within is just that too...a wild wind. I never really thought of it that way but it is indeed.Being willing to acknowledge it and act on it can open new doors for our lives.

      You have captured so well this time, this moment that comes to some of us only once. Daring to feel it and express it is risky but worth it for certain. Loved this. Sending Angels your way :) ps

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      Very lovely . . . wild as the wind!

      Of course one should dare to share of how true their love is for another, in lieu of never really knowing, and live a life of "what if," as then one will know without a doubt either way. It is always best to communicate one's feelings to another no matter what the answer---could be giving up the love of one's life or not . . . But how would one know unless words of truth are actually spoken? Just saying for all those out there, why keep on suffering when you can just say the words in one's heart? Life is way too short . . .

      Mh, I am so sorry I have not been commenting as usual on your hubs, as my mother has been very sick, but God is healing her, and further just to be honest, I just could not take any sad poetry as of late. Sorry, but that is the sheer truth. There is always hope for a better tomorrow no matter what dear one. I still love your poetry and always will, as you are a gifted poet no doubt.

      Voted Way Up, and the video is always so expressive and beautiful.

      God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 5 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      always a difficult decision. Keep is it. Unrequited and exciting or share and lose the wonder of anticipation, the excitement of the chase. Great poem, beautiful song. Thank you!

    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 5 years ago

      Fantasy love waiting to happen. nice hub

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      Emotional and expressive of the fantasy of a love..Well done my friend and keep writing these beautiful works of art.