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Today In life.

Updated on January 4, 2012

Where Are You at? The Crossroads ?


About the Author

Hi I'm Dustin I'm back on the Hub Pages scene and wanted to open up a topic that I don't see many people talk a lot about online which is ourselves. So Today in life will mainly focus on who I am, what I stand for, and who I feel I have become and what I do on a daily basis. Also I will talk about the challenges and Issues I have in my life and hope to be able to hear some of your stories and respond back to them as well and connect to many people so I hope you enjoy my writing please comment, and by all means ask questions always thank you!

My Life

Well First off I'm 25 years old, a active man that lives life full of passion. I take care of my grandparents and attended college shortly due to monetary issues I have been examined the adsense scene for 3 years now and couldn't really find a nitch so to speak so I figured I try my excellent skills as a writer. I always felt like I had a way with words even when I was young I wanted to be a writer or a poet. I thought to be very scientific as well and I want to incorporate that into my writing somehow. I lost my father when I was 6 years old and he was a mountain of a man. A great person, but because of an accident he passed and I haven't seen the man I looked up to for over 19 years now. I try to take hardships and learn from them. Sometimes things happen for a reason so that others can learn from the tragedies of life. I want to share my experiences and show others how much they can learn from the day to day feelings that we all go through. Right now I have always felt like a renaissance man that I could pick up any type of job and work my hardest and do just as good if not better than the people that have done it with experience for years. I'm a natural when it comes to learning skills and learning trades. More or less I also strive to do what needs to be done right the first time.For me I know that we all have the potential to do something great I wish I could have the ability to do great, not just for me, but for others especially in a mental thought process that make the world understand that we can evolve in an instant if we were all on the same page.


Today has some much meaning for us all. We should embrace today with all it stands for so that the future of today will be not far, but be in reach. You see Today we can achieve many great aspects of what we have come to be and learned from in the past. The past is the mold of who we are today and what we have become. Today We are practically ghosts of the who and what people were back in the past. We could be even calls shadows of the light that once was. I try not to get caught up in breeze when it comes to past ailments. So when today is showing us what we can learn for the future you could really look as though today were really the past and see that of would you could accomplish in the future. You see when you look into the future as if it were already the past, you could create an alternate universe in your mind to play out the events to see what path you ultimately want to take.


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