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Today, My Day - The 12th

Updated on May 12, 2014

Monday the 12th

People have been asking why I do not date the pages specifically - to a month say. Well, I will not write every day and I do want to keep a little mystery. And, to be honest, If anyone REALLY wanted to find out they could by put the dates and days mentioned..

Today, I am going to tell you about the problems I have been having around the flat - no spoilers as to what I am speaking about and I am also going to touch on something that I am writing - and have been writing, offline - for a while. Again, no spoilers!

If you have read anything else I have been putting in these sort of journals you will know what to expect. I am sure some day though, I will be in a bad or odd mood!

Freakin' Fridge

Well, do you remember I was talking about the really nice weather that has finally arrived in Montreal? Well, that must have been too much for my fridge freezer as it broke down yesterday when I was out. That sounds pretty annoying, right? And luckily, the food was all locked up inside a nice cool box, right?

Wrong. How so?

Well, for what ever reason the fridge freezer packed up. It was still on and still kept running, only it was heating up slowly but surely.

I came back with about $40 worth of groceries - most of which needed to be kept within the fridge - to be honest, any fridge would have done the job.

Being a Sunday, I had to wait until the next day to contact the people who had sold me the fridge - pretty lucky that it came with a three month replacement warranty!

I called them up this morning and it turns out that they do not have anything spare, as in, they do not have any more fridge freezers to replace the one that has broken down. They suggested I call back everyday to check or just call back on Thursday. I was told that if one comes in - they are a second hand store - I can have it: first dibs.

Luckily my girlfriend works for a nice enough place - or rather, with some nice enough people - and they found a fridge in storage. She just dropped it off and after letting it sit for a while. I turned it on. Sadly though - or rather very annoyingly, or worse - I hit my head putting it in - on some sharpish metal and my head started to bleed a bit.

A fridge though! Most of the food can be saved!!

The Script - more specifically, though: The Teleplay Script

Script is quite a wide description you see, teleplay specifies that I am writing something specifically for TV. Yeah I know, you are wondering, "How can someone illiterate like you write a teleplay!"

Well, first of all, thanks! Second of all it is all about ideas, vision and work.

I have been writing *something* based on my time working somewhere - "Hey, what's with the intrigue!" I cannot really go into too much detail as I want to finish it before I start talking about it.It isn't done you see so I don't want to be a liar!

It started when I wrote about three fifths of a book. I got bogged down and lost, the biggest problem was that I had hand written it and had to - now that I had a laptop - write it all up.

I wrote a lot of it up but I got sidetracked with other things - education, music, traveling, relationship constants, annoying jobs etc - so the book didn't really see a lot of progress.

Now - and from around November 2013 - I have been working on bringing new ideas together with old ideas. I am so happy that all the work I put in on the book can be used and put into what I am currently working on.

The show took a while as I tried to work out how it would be seen. As much as I wanted to do a comedy, I wanted to do something with a little bit more kick, and anyway, kick can also have comedy!

I will update on this at a later date!


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