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Today, My Day - The 13th

Updated on May 13, 2014

What we can expect to hear about here

We now, the weather has turned. So you will not really be hearing about how magnificent the weather has become - it is still early days, well morning, so..

I will be talking about minor things today: TV shows I have finished and started, cat problems, telescript updates..

So I hope you are in for some fun and you are sitting on the edge of your seat because I am about to get started.. Let's go!

TV Shows that are pretty good to watch

Well, I had to finish True Detective before I told anyone - online or offline, verbally or via typing. I was watching it and now I have finished it.

People always seem to take a lot of pride and pleasure in giving away major plots or endings knowing full well that it will annoy me - or any sane person. I guess what with TV rags giving away "plots" on awful soaps it is common place, like gossip. I think these "shows" NEED insider stories etc on what is to come as most - okay, let's be realistic, some.. okay, a few - people would not watch the toilet being flushed over and over.. "Okay.... get back to it...."

True Detective is the sort of show that is almost alive in front of you. You can literally smell and taste it. This comes from a flawless script and the right chemistry among actors. Mathew McConaughey it has to be said is an amazing actor but Woody Harrelson cannot be overlooked. Without each other - contrary to an in show quote - the show would be good but would not work so well with different actors - casting is definitely an alchemy all of its own

Obviously I am not giving any plot away here - I just do not want to spoil it for others who want to watch it.

I can say that it is a show about two very different cops - detectives - that have been paired together to investigate cases. This is set back in time and only one is covered. The story goes back and forth between this one case, back in time, and the present - in a relaxed interrogation environment with the same two detectives with McConaughey & Harrelson separated and evidently living different lifestyles. They have not spoken since the case they were working on was closed.

Basically, go and watch it. Trust me, it is good. Dark, but good.

"That damn cat!" - Well, one of them!

I am quoting an old film of course. A film which Tarantino lifted a quote from and brought it to Dusk Til Dawn - no not the bit with Richey and the cat. The quote where Clooney warns the "hostage" that he has X amount of friends that can run faster than she can. Clooney, is of course, talking about bullets in his gun.. Anyway

I woke up and found that one of the cats had laid a turd on the floor. Don't worry I didn't take a picture of it - well I did I am just not going to put it up here, it goes in my collection (this is a joke)

The thing is, it did it right next to the litter tray! It was not a mistake - as in, it was sitting too close to the edge. Odd that it does it, maybe he is try to tell me - or the other two cats - something?

Telescript issues and solutions

As I have said before previously, I struggled, or rather, debated for a good while about how I wanted the telescript I was/am writing to be viewed - first person, with voice over etc

To be honest the door is still open, but I have pretty much ruled out a constant voice over cutting in - like with Scrubs, Dexter or House of Cards. Though it does cancel out all doubt it also gets rid of interpretation and I want people watching to think. Don't get me wrong, it is nothing too heavy - not that that is a bad thing, it just doesn't fit with what I am doing. I think series such as The Sopranos - that has a voice over only in the pilot episode - and Breaking Bad have the mind absorbing more.

Also - and being a 'Boy' - mentioning the series 'Girls' isn't too cool among the guys but I did like the flow of the show. Some of the characters were a little cliche and some of the dialog was annoying at times - and was hipster troth - but the show did have moments which were great. I stopped watching it after the end of series two.

I have pretty much now plotted - after re-plotting and re-planning over and over - the general pace and feel. I have ruled out voice overs. I am going to leave it open - well, seeming that way.

I should mention, I am not just messing about. I have written 40 pages so far for the first/pilot episode, I just need to work on the delivery. As I said previously - in a different hub - I pulled the hand break up when things or direction was not totally clear.


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