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Today, My Day - The 15th

Updated on May 15, 2014

The overriding theme to be covered today is Stress

Today I am feeling a little bit ill. So I may well not be my chirpy comical self. As I write this the morning traffic is starting to pick up and that of course means every damn truck needs to zoom passed making as much noise as it can. Anyway! - what will I be talking about?

I will be talking about my stressful situation, the suspected cause, why I cannot just stop the stress and of course, how I plan to rid myself of the stress.

I wanted also to be talking about some more about TV shows. I thought I would big-up one and criticise another, each day. Or, if I am doing it, I will do both on the same day, rather than just sing the praises of something or whine about how bad another is.. but I will start that tomorrow or the day after.

Let's get on!

Renewing and Circling Stress

I have felt the grip over my whole body now for the last three or so days. A few things signified its arrival and presence.

The icing on the cake, or the cement between the bricks, is the weather. It has really started to push up and with the weather being humid, comes the need to open all the windows.

Opening the windows of course lets a lot of noise in. This noise come all hours of the day and night and there is not ONE time when it is quiet or the silence doesn't hang precariously like a one armed traipse artist.

I have a next-door neighbour, scratch that, I have two, and they both have dogs. Well, they both have TWO dogs. All four of these dogs, well, they like to bark - "during the day? yeah, sure, that is annoying but at least they do not do it at night!"

Two of these dogs, or rather, one of my neighbour's dogs do not bark so much or at all in the evening, but the two on the other side, do.. At 11pm, Midnight, 4am.. Basically, they can bark anytime, so when you go to bed.. you are expecting to be woken.

During this humid weather, closing the window is not an option. Opening another window in another room and letting the air filter in did not work last night either as traffic from the road outside is a 24hr thing and doesn't stop - even at 12/1am.

I am probably getting around about 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep currently and it literally feels like I am going to snap - "Well... why not go and talk to the neighbour about his dogs barking all night?!" I do not speaks French, and I can tell that this guy is the sort who can barely even speak French let alone English - which I know lands on me as the one at fault. Also, it is not really my apartment so I do not feel I have the authority to do so. I am currently living with my girlfriend - she doesn't seem overly bothered by it all.

More tomorrow.. IF my head has not exploded with all the stress

Other areas of stress to be considered

So, along with the never-ending noise, that is impossible to get away from, I am also putting up with an increasing weather temperature. I have to say, I am - on this front - quite lucky. The temperature is not too bad or too high, however, there was not really a build up where you could see what was coming or a gradual climb. It was too cold to not wear a coat or hat out and the wind then always blew cold. Then it was surprisingly warm one day, then, it just didn't go away.

So, it was really cold for ages. Then it was pretty cold. Then it was hot all of a sudden.

Looking at the weather for the next week - and then, for the week after that - I can see that things will peak tomorrow - getting hotter - and then will recede back under 20. I know it sounds like I am being a little OTT but when the humidity hits 90% and noise is coming from all angles, there is nowhere to get away from said noise and you are getting no sleep.. it is hard to keep things together, which leads me on to mention a few other thing contributing to my stress..

We now have three cats. I basically take care of them. They are my responsibility. They create a lot of mess from the litter tray as they cannot walk so I have to make sure to sweep every time one of them uses the tray. They also want attention and they also lose their hair a lot. This means that my clothes pretty much always have fluff on and even when sitting down to eat, there is fluff and cat hair in my food 90% of the time. If I wash my hands and dry them, there is cat fluff on them. If I have damp hands, it is not long before i look like a werewolf.

My girlfriend works during the day and I am also expected to clean up the place, wash up, do the laundry - we do not have a washer so use the bath to hand clean or visit a relative,

Sometimes, things happen which stops me from being able to keep the apartment in a pristine looking condition. When I feel the "slip" or "slide" of the routine, this adds to the stress. Sometimes she will complain to me - or even worse, she will be in a bad mood due to this, i suspect.

On top of all this my stomach ache has reached its highest level of pain in years and not to mention my chest has been tight and painful along with a near constant headache.

I love stress. I wish I could reason with my body - "Hey, look. Things cannot change right away but talk to 'mind' and you can see that we are working on it and things are going to change.. if you stop being so stupid we can ALL be happier - trust me!!"

Then you realise you are talking to yourself and the real culprit is 'mind' as 'mind' controls all - "Why you little!!"


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