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Today, My Day - The 23rd

Updated on May 23, 2014

The day today

Today I have had one of those days when the time gets away from you though you do not feel cheated as it feels like you have done or realised a lot but then do not have a lot to show for it!

I finally finished House of Cards - season two. I will no doubt be talking about that below as I have up until now remained silent for fear of some joker telling me what happens.

I have also found something that I had sort of forgotten about that really does help me and is detrimental to my health. I somehow forgot about it!!

Let's get started!

House of Cards

Okay, listen up because I am only going to say this once:


So I got to the end of season two of House of Cards. I have to say that I am, I was and no doubt will be impressed with the show. I have to say that the second season is better than the first, even thought the first was pretty excellent too.

The thing I like is the topics covered are very real and also they are things that have not really made it into any other show in such a big and honest way.

Okay, so, Frank Underwood has now become President of the US. After cheating and deceiving billionaires and the ex-president. The ex-president doesn't even suspect anything is amiss as Frank took over from him. I have to say that this is possibly the only weak point in the whole story. I cannot see a president being so dopey and blind to the truth.

Rachel is clearly going to be a thorn in Frank's side and will quite possibly be the one who, brings the house of cards down around Frank's head.

The amazing tonic that I forgot

I am not too sure how I forgot about the thing that helped me so much and I am so very glad that I have rediscovered it again.

I have started to drink raw garlic water again. "What!!?"

Raw garlic is very anti fungal and since I have started to drink it again I have really started to feel a lot better and a lot more human.

I think the reason I stopped before was due to me thinking it would be a good idea to swallow the chopped garlic pieces down with the water. This can be fine sometimes but if I recall correctly, I think I felt bad a few times after doing this and stopped. I drank it with lemon juice too and that is okay to do but the garlic is a lot better.

So anyway, yesterday I started having the garlic tonic - only drinking the water the chopped cloves had been sitting in - and I started to feel amazing. I am not planning to stop drinking it again anytime soon either!

It is very simple to prepare as well:

  • Cut one clove of garlic into small pieces - do not use a garlic crusher as the tonic is far too potent this way
  • Put the chopped garlic into a glass and fill it with water
  • Wait for at least 30 minute, stirring now and then.
  • Either strain the glass of garlic water into another glass, keeping the pieces separate or use you teeth or lips to keep the pieces from entering your mouth
  • Refill your glass and add the garlic pieces back to the glass

You can do this at least 4 or 5 times. Then add another clove and carry on like that.

I generally start the morning with garlic water - soaked from the night before - and have one either side of each meal and sporadically between meals as and when I feel like it!


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    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Thanks. You are right about the garlic water I could not do with out that. I put lemon juice with it too and white cabbage and make a sort of smoothy. Feel like 1m bucks after!

      This might make you laugh:

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 3 years ago from Deep South, USA

      I recently read about the efficacy of raw garlic water (tonic) to heal fungal infections because of a family member suffering from proliferation of candida. I'm glad garlic water is helping you. There are so many natural substances that provide greater benefits (with no side effects) than the prescription medications and infusions the pharmaceutical industry and doctors push at us.

      As for "House of Cards", I got hooked on it, too, and am eager to watch the next season when it appears on Netflix, which is my only access to TV shows.

      Voted Up++ and shared