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Today - My day! - Friday (Instrument Purusing and Room Organising)

Updated on June 13, 2014

Where have you been and what are you going to talk about?

Well, as some of you knew, I was in Canada for just shy of three months. I was living with my then girlfriend - we have now mutually parted company - and now I am back in Europe.

So, back in Berlin, Germany I had the delightful task of finding digs - somewhere to live - at the start of summer. It was hard to find somewhere, but I did and I am now typing from that very place. Now perhaps, you can see why I have been gone for a while.

I am going to talk about my thoughts on what Instrument I should buy, as I have been considering a few, well, a couple. One of which isn't really an instrument on its own, the other, that is a guitar!

I will also talk about when I am living as it is not just a normal place and I am sort of lucky to be living here!

The Instruments & the reasons

So, I had to make my mind up between getting a guitar, nothing snazzy or expensive, or a keyboard, this would be a MIDI/USB keyboard which basically is useless without a computer and some plugins - which I do have.

Anyway, I figured that the guitar is the better option as I had most success in writing song with the guitar in the past. But, if I get the guitar, I will need to get a condenser microphone as I will write the basic ideas where I live and then go and record the properly somewhere else. The reason the condenser mic is a must is because it picks up the voice very well and unlike a normal mic you do not need to project quite so much - essential if you are worried about noise!

I have not ruled out the keyboard but I can sing and play guitar where I cannot play the keyboard and sing, to be honest I can barely play the keyboard or piano so I think it would be best to stick with what I have been doing for a while - even though I have a YEAR break from playing guitar, those words shatter my heart..

The Organisationing of where I live

Okay, so like I said, trying to find somewhere to live in Berlin during the summer months is the hardest thing in the world. This is for many reasons. Mainly the amount of people looking makes it very impossible to find somewhere.

I have vowed to very EVER share again as it stunts my growth and as someone who is "being creative" - yes I cringed to at saying it - I need to feel free and not have people bitching at me or being bad sharers.

I luckily knew of a place through a friend which is set aside for artists. I wasn't too sure if they would have a room for me or not but after inquiring, they did have something. Only a small room but for the start it is fine. I am glad to not be in dorm rooms with teens discovering alcohol.

I have this smaller room for a month - or rather 6 weeks - and then, by a stroke of luck, I will be moving into a bigger room. I am simply ecstatic and cannot wait. I am however feeling like I have for quite a few times before and I try and think what it is that I do that causes things to go wrong so that this does not go wrong. Either way, I plan to stay until I do what I have been trying to do for the last years. It sounds funny, but it isn't. It really is a riddle to me as to why I never get things done that I want to. However, I have written a list of Rules that should keep me on the straight and narrow. They are not your regular rules, mind!

I will mention these tomorrow - until then!


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