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Today is the Day - My 18th (of the month)

Updated on May 18, 2014

What has been happening my way?

Well, today the weather is back. It is still cold in the morning and when not in the sun but I am glad that it is not humid or raining non-stop.

Today I am baking a cake - or rather, helping to bake a cake - for my girlfriend brother's birthday get together meet-up thing. I think it should be good - the party meet-up and the cake!

I will also be banging on about some cleanses that I have done recently and how I found them. So, you now know, what lies beneath, dare you venture?

Of course you will!

So, this cake?

Yes, this cake. It is going to be a Vegan cake - don't groan! and it will also be a gluten and wheat-free cake - I said, don't GROAN!

The reason for both are pretty obvious. The cake is meant to be enjoyed by all the nearest and dearest. It also happens to be LOVED by my girlfriend's brother - though he is not Vegan or Gluten intolerant!

Okay, so here is where you ask what is in it and what, why, how, and when.

I cannot find the recipe. I did a search online - nothing.

My girlfriend could say what and how etc but she is still in bed and would not take too kindly to being woken up for some information that will be put on a hub - A hub!? a what? what, what, what? - all I can offer you is the ingredients from memory and you can put them together mystically:

    • Dates
    • Coconut - dried
    • Strawberries
    • Blueberries
    • Raspberries
    • Mint
    • Almonds/Cashew paste
    • Ermm..

Yup, that's all I have right now. Sorry. I will update you all on the full ingredients tomorrow. And I will no doubt have a link to a page with instructions if you feel you want to make it!

Cleanses: Whatchadone!?

Well, looking at the hubs I have made over the last month, you can answer that question yourselves! - no, I have never worked within the teaching profession

I started out with the candida cleanse which I was not totally sure did much for me at first. However, I was told that the length of the candida overgrowth and all its "work" within my body, might well mean that I need to do the cleanse a few times. Stomach-wise - where the core main repeating problem lies - I didn't feel a lot of change.

I did change a lot of my diet going in but I found it impossible to stick to after a week, I must mention that I didn't eat ANY of the things the cleanse mentioned not to eat but I wanted to eat no carbohydrates for the whole thing - 14 days - and I only did 8 days - which isn't bad!

I did have A LOT of thick brown mucus coming out non-stop - all day - though which pretty much stopped a day or so after the cleanse ended so, maybe it did work - it sure was getting something hideous out of me!

The other thing worth mentioning is that I was having quite a stressful time and I also wasn't sleeping well at all.

Basically, I would do it again - 100% I would - but I would do it within an environment I was comfortable in, not stressed within, an environment with out pressures to do this or do that - when I shouldn't be faced with such things - and of course, with one thing I can get: sleep amounting over 5 or 6 hours, uninterrupted.

Another cleanse I did..

After not getting many life changing results from the candida cleanse - though in hindsight, I probably did but couldn't see them with all that was going on - I went for the full body detox.

I lasted about 12 days on the 30 day full body detox. The reason for this is much like the candida cleanse but the surrounds I was within got worse with the heat and there were also a few other things that added to stress. One of the main things about a detox or cleanse is that you will feel pretty bad. At night is when the liver does its thing and flushes away all the bad. If you are not sleeping, the liver aint workin' - guess what happens?

I had a reoccurring stomach problem show up and stay so I had to cancel everything - I mean EVERYTHING - and spend the day taking it easy on the sofa, curtains drawn and the windows closed. De-stressing. Calming down. Etc.

So yes, I bowed out after 12 days because I was feeling pretty bad. My girlfriend reminds me of the waste of money and the waste of time because I stopped doing the detox/cleanse...... Indeed!


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