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Above the Void

Updated on May 26, 2016

The Rising Sun

She wants to go above the void, she can't be heard above the noise.

Too late, the abyss has come. It rose up like the morning sun.

With darkness and shadows, and pillars of salt.

Like Sodom and Gomorrah, they came to a halt.

She wants to keep going, to never look back.

But alas, the others, her vision they lack.

No noise, no violence, no peace or hope. All they want to do is simply float.

A void filled with nothing, a web spun with lies.

"Come join us," they say, (they just want you to die)-

Without love, without joy, without memories made

No voice, no choice, your decision a spade

Cut deep, cut sharp, cut through all the black

Your voice, your choice, your vision is back!

Stand fast, stand tall, stand up for others

For they forget what it was like among brothers

Imagination and joy, a room full of laughter

The abyss comes for it, taking all that matters.

We stand tall together, our imagination in tact

Our hands joining hard, making a silent pact.

Together we stand, together we fall, but no matter what we will be together through it all.

The abyss will not take us, (the abyss being others).

Their voices, their choices, push away my brothers!

Together we come, together we go

Not once giving in, not reaching that low.

Faithful brothers, she WILL speak her mind.

Remember this poem, and you will not be left behind.


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