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All that Poetry taught me

Updated on April 27, 2011

 Original words, all of my poems be

from my original mind they pour forth.

These words I write as they pour into my soul

Out of nothingless


creation be.

"Where am I from"

I am from spinach

From grapes and palm oil

I am from the giant brick home

That smells like oak, vanilla and spice

I am from the hibiscus and rose

The oak and the fir

Whose long gone limbs I remember

As if they were my own.

I’m from grains and gifts

From M and S

I’m from avatar and CNN

And from plane trips

I’m from chiefs and business

And Grace

I’m from Sunday mornings

I’m from red sands and red sun

Rice and fish

From lion catcher

With his bare hands

Lean and tall

Love memories in my heart

My daily walk with Poetry.

I woke up this morning and who did I see standing by my bed,

saying hello and beaming from ear to ear

It was Poetry.

Dressed in all her splendor.

"hello there', she sang.

'bet you are ready for our daily walk?'

Poetry held out her hand

I grasped her hand,

Eager to begin our daily walk.

 You think you know

You look up and see and feel the warmth of the sun upon

Your upturned face.

You close your eyes

contentment abaze within your very soul.

Suddenly, you feel the the dribble of a coldness

on your cheeks.

Startled you look up

The sun is gone

There's rain in it's place.

 There goes Pride


I saw her swaying her hips

to life's lovely tune

All is well

up the hill.

I watched as she

whistles and twirls

All is well


I see her stooped and stumped

Life's has given a hard kick

There goes Pride

Deflated and Defeated.


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