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Today (Musing)

Updated on April 13, 2017

Today after one month of pride, I was again searching for you. One month of self convincing, handling emotions, pretending to be brave, resisting myself. I was back to square one wanting you to comfort me again.

After a whole month I let myself get lost in the forest of your thoughts. Today I missed you like the night sky misses the stars. Today I let the walls of my self esteem castle crumble. Today I found my fingers taking me to your account, a place I have seen a lot of times but never known. Today like a traveller in a desert looks for a mirage, I was looking for you. Today like a hungry child wishes for food, I was wishing for you. Today like a worshiper in a pilgrimage, I let my heart chant you name.

Today like a video replaying , I was replaying the endless stupid jokes you cracked. Today like the waves in the ocean I let your memories flood my brain. Today I allowed the clouds to move away from the sun which is you. Today I let your face paint in my head like in a painter's canvas.

Today I let me feel the love for you I had stored in a capsule. I again let hope flower my heart like flowers sprouting in a barren land.

Well the writing above is a museum written by me. It expresses how emotionally attached we can be with someone without even realizing it. Sometimes we don't value things we have because we are craving for those which we will never get. Maybe that's how we humans are too naive to love and too wise to unlove.

-Gaurika Taneja (copyrighted)


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