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Today's task

Updated on December 15, 2015

Where to start

Get an idea. Okay. Check. Simple enough so far. Now comes the hard part. Creating context from nothing. Write what you know, right...nowadays it seems write what people want to read. I have always had an interest in writing but unfortunately for me I was an extremely lazy student and took my education for granted. Watching the crappy movies that come out these days sadden me. I literally come up with better concepts while evacuating my bowels. It makes me wonder how someone could produce something so outrageously horrible and honestly think it was a good idea. I have three manuscripts midway done due to my lack of discipline and I easily get discouraged at my writings because I am not a writer. "My ambition is handicapped by my laziness" - Charles Bukowski

Coming up with dialogue, unique situations and back stories to make people connect with my characters I am finding to be one of my greatest challenges. I always come up with great concepts and have written amazing opening scenes but lack the ability to construct the unique situations that intertwine conflict, climax and solutions.

I also get distracted easily while writing, speaking of which it's taken me over 30 minutes to write just this little bit. I'm a day dreamer for sure. I have chosen to sit down and write a script and not become distracted or discouraged in the process. This will be more or less my place to vent and share the ride.


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