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"Toe-File'n", (An Ode Upon The Infantryman's Sole...)

Updated on May 13, 2012


(An ode upon the infantryman's sole...)

(Crotch of the Afghan--'05)

"....Unto those who have fallen, I shall now do for you what even the devil himself will not do...I shall leave you...though never far behind."

" the mad hatter..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, If 'da foot be a-sweat'n 'n itch'n,

An in 'da boot 'da toe be twitch'n,

Jus turn 'da socks insides-out,

An get 'der knotty teef wif-out,

'Den put 'da sock n'tween 'da toes,

An saw in even, heaven-like, rows--

Is 'da "toe-file'n"...



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    • RustyW profile image

      RustyW 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I didn't know this, thank you. Anyway, it was about the writing...not the picture.

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 5 years ago from Arizona

      I'm amazed that the pixelated picture was not taken down. Hubpages doesn't allow pixelated pictures. Just to let you know.