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Together we will

Updated on July 12, 2012

I was away for a while then one morning she called me and complained of eye pain so i advised her to go and see a doctor, i knew that a visit to the doctor will help her but little did i know that it will be the beginning of the storm.

Several weeks passed and she called me that morning that she cannot see with her right eye anymore, my first reaction was that she was kidding so i asked her to wash her face with clean water and dry it with a clean towel but instead, she kept crying, that cry kept hitting my heart and i would honestly say that every drop of her tear which i could not see but could feel was like bullets hitting me. Anyway, to cut a long sad story short, it became obvious that my wife could no longer see with her right eye. Tests carried out on her showed that she had Cataract and also had inflammation in her right eye, we visited two specialists and both said the same thing, so she began this treatment, Fourteen days steroid injection in her eye, multiple eye drops (Antibiotics) but after one month,there was still no improvement and the doctor in UK said that she need to undergo a bypass surgery...

...but she refused. We wanted more professional advise so we had to leave the UK and fly to Romania to see her family doctor and at least see a doctor who speaks same language with her, tests in Romania showed that her initial eye treatment was wrong, she had minor eye pain but was put on a strong steroid by the first doctor and that wrong treatment caused the inflammation and triggered the cataract but there was no much help for us in Romania because they do not have the logistics for the kind of treatment she needed so we flew back to UK and had to fly to Cuba to see a specialist because my wife refused to be attended by Doctors in the UK. This situation became a nightmare as i wake up every morning with fear, praying to God to extend his healing hand upon my dear wife, asking and pleading him not to allow this case affect her other eye.


We arrived in Cuba and met a specialist in one of the leading eye hospital there (Instituto Cubano de Oftalmologia Ramon Pando Ferrer), first we saw the difference in professionalism. Doctors in Cuba were kind and that motivated and uplifted both of us.Something told me that all will be well in Cuba and my wife will see with her right eye again so test was carried out on her. I thought this storm would be over in Cuba but the case multiplied because they found out that Mihaela's retina was detached and that was actually why she could no longer see with her right eye, that cataract and inflammation were still there. In fact, it was a worrisome inflammation but "That is not the end of the tunnel" said the doctor. "She can be treated and her vision restore".

The Doctor's words were relief to us, it was like God talking to me the very first time the doctor spoke with us. "Your wife is in the good hand" she said.

My wife needed two operations to get over this storm, first an operation to remove the cataract and the second operation is to push back her retina to its position. I mean these operations are not just cutting of the flesh, we are talking of human eye, placing objects right inside the eye, tears drops from my own eyes at the sight of my wife's right eye. Although the eye looks perfectly in good shape with no defection but the retina is not in its position.

Cataract specialist and Ela  twenty four hours prior to the first surgery.
Cataract specialist and Ela twenty four hours prior to the first surgery.

She had the first operation on the 14th of May 2012 and we were advised that we have to wait three moths for her to recuperate before she undergo the second and more complex surgery. This case showed me what people who lost their sight in this life journey does pass through and also taught me so many things i never knew as an adult. Furthermore, i want to stress that this issue helped us stand as a family,it did not in any way hinder my dear wife from doing her duty as a woman, taking care of the family and even giving her best at her work place. She stands strong and blames no one, not even the doctor who wrongfully treated her and triggered this situation.

As of myself, my nightmare is not yet over because at first i asked Why? Then i asked why her and also what is cataract...?

... cataract is a clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in its envelope, it varies in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructs the passage of light .And i also happen to learn about Retina...

...Retina is the layer of neurosurgery tissue that lines the back, inside wall of the eye, when it detach from its position, one begins to loose vision and if untreated does cause blindness. The treatment of this case can only be done by surgery .

With everything i found out about my wife's condition,i would simply say that i am bereaved but then God knows why this trial,we will face it, conquer it and give him the praise therefore Baby,as we wait for your recuperation, i want you to always remember that it is for better and for worse so together we will overcome this.

Mihaela 10 days before the operation
Mihaela 10 days before the operation
Mihaela twenty four hours after the cataract surgery
Mihaela twenty four hours after the cataract surgery
Mihaela forty eight hours after the cataract surgery.
Mihaela forty eight hours after the cataract surgery.
Rossi and Mihaela Five days after the Cataract surgery.
Rossi and Mihaela Five days after the Cataract surgery.


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