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Tom cat's unique bath

Updated on April 11, 2017

Tom relaxing

relaxing | Source


"Tom, get down or you'll fall in!"

No sooner had she said that than there was a loud yowl, the scratching of claws on metal and a loud splash, Tom had fallen in!

About Tom cat

Tom Cat was a rather large male cat or feline. He had a kingly attitude as cats go and believed that everything his people owned was his catetory, which is feline for territory. His people and everything in his domain was put there for him and him alone. He, however, kingly he appeared was much like any other cat you'd see. He was about knee height when standing on all four paws, weighed about twelve pounds give or take about five pounds at at guess, and his kingly fur coat was orange and white striped with target like stripes on the side, it was also very soft as cats are wont to be. He loved to graze his dish all day, enjoyed attention when he chose, and was very picky when it came to his food. Also like most cat's he hated water unless he deliberately got in it which was rare and he absolutely hated baths of any kind. Preferring to wash himself with his tongue as cats do. He considered himself the luckiest and wealthiest cat around even though his owners were middle class with a small house in a normal middle class neighborhood. He'd parade around with his head and tail up in the air looking down his nose at other cats and animals as if to say I'm king and you'd better listen up buddy because if you don't I'll kick your butt. He even tried this with neighborhood dogs, however it didn't quite have the same affect as the dogs seemed to talk back and send Tom Cat back home quicker than he left home.

Tom Cat's Girl

Now, Tom Cat's people had a daughter who like to chat on the phone. She chatted all the time. While braiding her hair, while in the bathroom, cooking dinner, watching TV, and even while doing laundry. There wasn't a time when she wasn't on the phone except when she was sleeping. Though it didn't stop her from taking care of Tom Cat or loving him, although he didn't feel she paid enough attention to him. Tom Cat tried to get her off the phone many times. He hid it under the bed, in the closet, behind the dresser. He even tried to get rid of the darn thing by knocking it into the tub while she was bathing, all to no avail. She still kept on talking on the phone. Tom Cat was left feeling like second place to a silly phone. Even Mom and Dad couldn't get her off the phone. It was like she lived on the phone twenty four seven, but that was going to change if Tom Cat had any say.

Tom cat's girl


The day of the unique bath

One day in the late morning, Her dad had taken a trip for the week and her mother was at work, which left her and Tom Cat alone for the day. She feed him his usual meal of soft canned food mixed with hard cat food and a fresh bowl of water. And then while talking on the phone as usual, she proceeded to get dressed and clean up from her and her mother's breakfast. That day she wore blue jeans, and a tee shirt. She also braided her long black hair since she had the extra chores her dad did to do that week. First she read her mother's note:
Dear Daughter,
I have a load of whites in the washer soaking, please turn them on around ten, so they can finish washing, thank you. And if you would beat out the rugs for me and make sure morning dishes are done and the hamburger is in the fridge to thaw for supper I would appreciate it.
Mom was always leaving notes on the kitchen table for her and this was nothing new. She beat out the rugs after hanging them on the line, stacked wood for dad's grill (he liked to cook out when he was home.), and cleaned up morning dishes. She was about to get the hamburger out when she realized she had to use the bathroom, so she ran down the hall to the bathroom quickly noting as she sat down it was almost time to to turn the washer back on. Now the entire time, she was on the phone and that didn't change with a bathroom break, she remained on the phone talking to her best friend.

Tom's unexpected solution

The washer was a top load with a basket complete with an agitator post in the middle and mom had left the lid open to soak the load of whites . With top loaders that was all you had to do. So, now the washer was not only open, but full of bleach water to boot. Tom Cat had always climbed up on the washer with or with out the lid open, of course it was never full of water. And this day was no different. He had decided that as the king of the house and yard, he wanted attention from the daughter, whom we'll for the sake of the tale call Tula. Now, he expected her to give him that attention right away as soon as he demanded it. But, as said before, nature called and she was not only on the john, but still talking with her best friend on the phone and didn't notice poor Tom Cat. So, to get her attention, Tom Cat jumped upon the washer and proceeded to walk around the basket full of water mewling for attention. Tula looked up and noticed him strutting around the basket of the washer and smiled.
“Get down Tom Cat before you fall in!” she called out with a shake of her head.

No sooner had she spoken, than with a startled yowl and the scraping of four sets of claws on metal followed by a loud splash, Tom Cat fell in.
“I gotta go, Tom Cat fell in the washer full of laundry! I'll call you back!” Tula said into the phone as she got off the john in a hurry and for the first time ever hung up the phone. She flew over to the washer and peered in. There in the murky bleach water holding on to the middle post was Tom Cat soaked through and mewling desperately for help to get out again. Tula plucked poor Tom Cat out of the washer and then sat him in the sink and thoroughly rinsed him off so he wouldn't get sick from the bleach, all during the rinsing Tom Cat yowled as if she was killing him and tried to get away. After rinsing, Tom Cat off she wrapped him up in a towel all the time crooning to him.
“You Poor, Poor thing. I told you, you'd fall in and you did. Poor Tom Cat Dear.” After a while, Tom Cat decided he'd had enough attention and drying, so he jumped out of her arms and the towel gave and sniff and a shake. Then he stuck his tail and head up in the air again and strutted off some where to finish drying off. Mean while Tula called her friend back, explained what happened and started laughing as it was suddenly amusing now that Tom Cat was safe and sound. This time however, she didn't stay on the phone as long.

Tom didn't learn the first time.

After which, Tula started the washer back up to finish the whites her mother had soaking. When her mother got home, Tula also told her what had happened and her mother though she did laugh made sure to soak laundry when she was home so as to make sure Tom Cat didn't get another surprise bath. Tom Cat didn't completely learn his lesson, however the next time he fell into the washer it was empty and Tula found him walking in circles mewling again for help to get out. He did learn to avoid washers full of water though.

Tom's favorite spot

The laundry basket is Tom's favorite spot excluding the dreaded wash machine.
The laundry basket is Tom's favorite spot excluding the dreaded wash machine. | Source

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