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Tommy Poppins

Updated on February 8, 2013

Tommy Poppins was a kid

His mother’s song stuck in his head

I’m not like you mom

I can’t sing

I’ve got to get away to think


So Tommy ran away that night

With only one thought on his mind

Mommy never understands

She’s always perfect

I never am


Tommy looked for what to do

And a place to stay in too

He joined the circus and became the best

And went back home to impress

But When He showed his mom she said


What an amazing thing you’ve learned

But there’s a problem with what you’ve earned

You act much like a chimp in the zoo

I do not like what it is, you do

As Tommy had grown real depressed

Off he ventured to be the best


Tommy Poppins aced his tests

He sure did become the best

Became a doctor, a referee

He even knew what’s undersea

He went back home to show his mom

The things he’d learnt while he was gone


Mom I’ve learnt to be the best

Aren’t you proud I’ve aced my tests

Mommy Poppins was glad to see

All the things Tommy had learnt to be


I’m very proud, I hope you see

I was even proud before these things

Tommy questioned mommy Poppins

But I thought you were always perfect


Mommy Poppins began to say

I was perfect in many ways

Much more perfect than

The light of day

I was not perfect at everything

I just really loved to sing


Tommy Poppins lowered his head

I thought you were perfect at all of it

Mommy Poppins reassured

No one’s perfect, I guarantee you


Tommy Poppins tried to say

All those times I ran away

Everything was a mistake?


Not one bit was a mistake

Mommy Poppins tried to explain

You are the best at many things

Go out and teach the world the same


One day you’ll begin to see

The world is better with you, not me

Not everyone’s perfect, Tommy

Like your old mommy


I see how I’ve become the best

Now I’ll teach the entire world the rest

Mommy Poppins loved to sing

I had become many things

You don’t have to be the best

Just do your best when there’s a test


Tommy Poppins never strayed

From being the best there is today

Who’s to know if you will meet

Tommy Poppins on the street


He’s always looking for the best

For those who know, he does not rest

Those of you who pass his test

Shall find you live beyond the rest

Remember Tommy Poppins.

- Brandon Jared Martin © 2013


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