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Tomorrow May Be Too Late - Song Lyrics - Gospel

Updated on October 15, 2012

Daughter of Zion SDA Church - Delray Beach, Florida


Written by Verna E. MacKay

June 11, 2012

Today, when you hear His voice calling you

Do not harden, do not harden your heart.

For tomorrow, may be too late

If you turn your heart away.

Oh, tell me what will be your fate

What will be your fate

Tomorrow may be too late.


Tomorrow, oh tomorrow may be too late

Yes tomorrow, may be too late.

When He calls your name,

Won’t you answer the call

For tomorrow may be too late.

Won’t you think about your future my friend,

What will happen, should you gain the whole world?

This world someday, it will pass away

What will you give for your soul?

Oh, what will your answer be

Tell me what will be your fate?

Tomorrow, may be too late.

Today, when you hear His voice calling you

Do not turn your back and walk away.

The Savoir is knocking at your heart,

Won’t you answer and let Him in.

Oh, oh how sad it would be,

If your soul should be lost,

Oh won’t you think of the cost.


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