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Toms response to "Root" Entitled "Night Two"

Updated on August 3, 2010

i gave a challange to write the second night to "Root" and heres what a hubber wrote...

pink here is my night #2 do what you will.... i do like the picture pretty as always in it you are.- ok Yoda Tom here is NIGHT II I woke up the next day, wondering what had happemed was it a dream,? it had to have been, Well there was only one way to find out- I had to hear it from you. I walked out my door and sat on the porch. Mom was worried I had not touched my lunch … but I couldn’t concentrate on food…. There were to many questions I had so many answers of those questions. I knew you would be passing by after lunch with your friends were going down to the creek. I had to wait, and wait , the sun rose high in the sky. It had to be about 1 pm I thought. Just then, I heard voices coming around the corner. It was you and your goofy friends… I took off down to the gate by the stree. I waved and said


You broke off for a second and said

“Hey” trotting over you came close to me but not too close- and said

“same time tonight ..right?” you blurted out as if each word cost money…

“Of course” I said with a smile, “Same time right?”

Just then some of the boys stopped and had quizzical looks on their faces

“c’mon, let’s go, we don’t have all day” they shouted from down the road a piece.

You replied “Yes, I’ll meet you right here” you stated pointing to the sidewalk where we were standing.

I wanted to kiss you right then I was so happy it was not a dream it really happened.

In answer to their taunts and yells you called out-

“Shut up, I’m coming!!” you said to them “I’ll see you tonight…ok?” you turned and whispered to me.

‘yep see ya!” I said with a smile and a feint of a wave.

I turned around, my heart in flight it was not just a dream I thought , it was real a real kiss from someone I never thought about like “that” until last night!

Night could not come fast enough, Dinner dragged on each bite seemed an age. Night fell ever so slowly.

Until it was time I had been dressed for hours ready to journey once more. My heart beating with excitement “what will happen?” tonight.

I got outside- silent like a cat I snuck to the gate “Where were you I yhought?”. In the distance a dog barked then out of the shadows a figure appeared

“You came

I said

“Of course, I tol you I would” you replied

I was happy-We walked quickly the silent minutes passed with rapid succession. Then we arrived at next entrance this one was hidden by a strange white speckled stone. This big stone had small black spots on it it looked much different from the grey stone beside it. You say

“See this stone?”

“Yea I reply”

Its different than the grey stuff here, its got crystals in it,”


“This stuff was like lava it s granite, it came up through the grey stuff here, this stuff was deposited on an ocean bottom”. It weakened the gray stuff here and the rain and heat made this crack were gonna go through”

“OK “I replied “you so smart how do you know this?”

“My dad is a geologist taught me all this stuff…”

He then motioned and we slipped through the crack we had to wiggle through, He was thin and snuck through easily, I had developed a little in the past few years so my chest was a little tighter moving through the crack.

”Ouch” I said

“What happened” he asked.

I sat down for a second grabbing my left breast, there was a small hole in my shirt the rockedge had scratched my bra but didn’t go through the fabric.

“Stupid grandit” I said

He replied “I think this sharp edge of limestone gotca right here”.

He poked at a sharp edge to the rock. “yea right here” he said as he poked the edge of the rock.

“lemme see” he said

“I don’t think there is any blood.” He said staring at my side

I said “Don’t worry I’m ok” I pulled up my shirt and showed him the side of my breast.

“See no problems” I said I noticed his eyes widen as I lifted my shirt exposing my bra.

“ Yea I see” “you sure its ok? “ he asked

In the dim light I could see his eyes grow larger as my shirt was lifted.

I was in good shape I was not a stick thin girl I had some curves as I was growing up.

I had never noticed before but he was not the brown haired freckle faced boy my mother brought me over to “play with” all those years ago, He was a … cute boy now. I never noticed how really cute he was his dark green eyes staring down at me. He looked suddenly different a young man tall muscular with a bit of a smirk on his face. I forgot for a moment my shirt was up around my shoulder revealing my left breast bra cup showing. Upon noticing this I quickly pulled down my shirt so I said,

“cmon lets go check things out.”

She said this but I could not get the picture of her exposed bra and contents out of my mind.

I could see why she had trouble getting through that crack.

“We will have to find a better way to get out of here I don’t want you getting scratched anywhere else”

“Sorry I didn’t realize you were” I stopped I did not know what to say could I say –

‘I forgot you had those breasts now.’ But I figured that would not be cool to say

“I was what she said?”

“were more … “ I said

“More what?” she said

“Busty” I said meekly

“hahaha “ she laughed.

“You mwan these” she said pulling her shirt over her head flashing me her ample bosom.

“Yes “ I said my voice slightly cracking as I saw the beautiful round globes gently caressed by her pale blue bra.

“You have changed “I said “In a good way” I stammered.

“Thanks for noticing” she declared,I moved toward her slowly as to not alarm or scare her away she backed up against the sheer rock wall.I walked toward her our eyes locked in an unbreakable gaze she had a little smile on her face as I came closer as I got closer I took a step with my left foot and it caught on a stone in my balance an momentum shifted from towards her to straight down. “Whoa” I cried as I crashed into the sheer rock wall next to her, my head bounced off the wall I lost consciousness for some time. I don’t know how long but when I woke I felt a sharp pain on the side of my head when my eyes opened and focused she was there my head in her lap she was crying,.

“I thought you were dead” she cried “I have been sitting here just hoping you were ok.”

“We gotta go” I said-“Its getting light out I’ll bet”

She helped me up I noticed I had a huge lump on my head. “I felt the lump it was worse than when Billy Major hit me in the head at baseball practice.

He was real wobbly on his feet I held his hand a put my arm around him. Not quite the circumstance I was hoping for but I had to get him home. It was getting light out when I got him home, luckily his parents were heavy sleepers . I helped in him in the house, I left him at the foot of his stairs. He turned and mumb;ed something like

“I gramnd a gowbt tgnm sorrgy bzoubt da troglbe”

I was not sure what I said – she smiled and said get some rest if your mom asks where you got the bruise from say you fell out of your bed.”

“goob idbe” he replied gud by.”

I kissed him on the forehead and he stumbled up the stairs making an aweful racket I snuck outside and bolted back to my house the door clicked shut, I was exhausted I crept into bed after changing my clothes , my mom would wake me up soon … oh what I night I said as I shut my eyes and fell fast asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.


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    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      yea, you do three and ill do four! haha, we'll write a book. But seriously, im game to keep going if you are, just feeling under the weather today, not going to do much writing.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 7 years ago from home

      Pink,Wow what kinda guy knows about that geology stuff-I am impressed!!!! i mean... what a geek. although the story did sound familiar. hehe should i start on night 3 or what ?