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To My Love

Updated on March 22, 2016

To My Love

To my love whom I cherish above all
In my mind I have thoughts that I wish to write down
from the best I have picked to share with you now
meticulous have I been in the words I will share
so please take a seat and read them with care
For my love it is you who inspired it all.

Your love is the light that pushes me through the darkness
your beauty captivates me and fixates my sight as if I was put into a trance.
Your trust is what I long for and strive to attain more than anything in this world for it runs hand in hand with the love that we share. The love that I would give my own life for.

From the moment we met you made my heart sing you tore down my walls and you gave me wings. As time passed our emotions did soar and along came a surprise whom we both adore. What you may not know is it brought me joy to take care of you while you carried our boy. From helping you up to making you food it made me feel good, no matter my mood. As you lay here asleep in our bed our baby is happy from just being fed. And I just can’t help but watch as you sleep and praying to God that you’re having sweet dreams. Here’s to our love and all that it brings, and just so you know you still make my heart sing.

As you know my dear, I love the rain. But what you should know my love is you’ve taken its place. I no longer need that feeling of warmth for your love surrounds me and gives me much more. In fact if it rains and you are not there it reminds me of you and brings me despair. Only because it’s you that I want. I so long for your kiss and I long for your touch.

No book of Shakespeare’s or Ed Allen Poe could touch the surface of the love we both know. So hold on my love and grasp tight my hand as we show the whole world how to love as God planned. Let us venture forth to depths no one knows and light up the world with the love that we own. All the world will say that we are not two but one from the way that we speak and the battles we’ve won.

I thought I might add that through all we’ve been through I’ve never once pondered my life without you. For I can’t imagine what life there could be without the light of your love there to guide me. Without your grace to envelope me and give me my own I’d stumble around like a drunken old crow. No I’ve never once pondered because I wish not to know so I set my sights forward to when we grow old. For I know in my heart that we’ll make it there and reap the love that we’ve sown for all of our years.

I’m sorry my love that it’s taken all this time but the true depths of my feelings were hard to define. For I’ve never felt love nearly this strong though times can be hard it makes the waves calm.
So share if you want these thoughts that I’ve wrote and let the world know that our love only grows.


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