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Poem.Love you dear Mother .To my self I am most definitely true! Titanic:

Updated on March 9, 2014

I am most definitely true!

I got a call from my mother

This moment 8:58pm

On Monday Dec.5th.

She said son

You always told me

Everything that


Happens for the better,

To those

Who loves God!


I found myself also happy

Not because of what she

Said to me

But because of what I heard

In her voice.

Here is how

This whole thing went

During this entire month

My spirits was in limbo

Because of my type of life

I live a sort of life

That’s very easy to understand

But extremely difficult to

Carry out

I am my very best friend

This made me promise myself

That I would always abide

By the laws

Of what was taught to me

By my Mother many years ago,

And that is:

“To thyne own self be true”

All year my mother

Had planned to come visit me

For the Christmas Holidays.

She was to arrive Dec.19th

But something went wrong

And the trip

Had to be cancelled.

But I told her not to worry,

I will do everything

That I can to try and elevate

This problem.

Everything I tried failed.

But by having my

Own words that I live by

It usually always

Could pull me through


So I stood strong,

But I can tell you

There are no safe walks in life,

There are comforts,

But no safe walks.

I was hurting.

Until now!

When my mother called

She who undoubtedly

Knows of my love for her

Called to say

That she was not coming


She also had a request

Of me.

She said Son:

I am not coming,

But I want you to be happy

For me

I want you to find

One of my friend and see what

You can do for the holidays

To make myself happy.

I did not go to see her

For her 91 st


But only in anticipation

Of her coming for Christmas.

Now instead

Here is her request

But the magic

Word she told me was:

Son I am happy

And I want you to be happy

That I am Happy.

I know my mother very well

She is happy at this moment,

I heard it in her voice.

Give Thanks and praises to the

Most High God.


All rights reserved.


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