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Too Late '10

Updated on July 27, 2011

 And so it starts again.

I should have known.

Always too little, too late.

You wait until the deed is done

To question your path in life.

This time you've gone too far.

You've given more than you can take.

I knew you weren't ready for this,

But girl, it's too late now.



Its too late to say you're sorry,

Too late to take it back.

The greatest of man's crimes

Is one against yourself.

You can't turn back time.

It's too late to tell him no.

You needed love, but not like this.

It's too late to keep you safe.

It's too late to wait.


You knew you'd still feel empty.

You knew you'd still feel alone.

You wish you could take it back.

Still, you haven't learned a thing.

You never learn, girl.

You always make the same mistakes,

Further and further each time

Until you finally went too ar.

But girl, its too late now.


(Chorus x2)


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