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Too Many Gabriel's

Updated on October 5, 2012

I’ve heard the word and read the book
And I’ve decided to tear out some pages
I can’t believe things that cannot be proven
And yet I still love Jesus and Ecclesiastes
The temptation of the lamb taught me well
And I will not trade on God’s promise
In faith I will pray for relief or mercy
But I will never leap for I am a doubting Thomas
My ears are filled with words of good news
As the followers of inerrancy and canon speak
With images of a burning bush in their eyes
They believe a tongue that is neither Hebrew or Greek
I once stood in a church as a member
Yet apparently not close enough for heaven
My walk was not in the same direction
As those who believed they were chosen
I must cleanse my mind of the privileged few
They live within the walls they have constructed
They loudly proclaim God’s revelation to them
But why do they not pray in a closet as instructed?
I have prayed to you in my car and in the shower
I’ve asked for the things that I cannot provide
There is no need to share these moments with anyone else
And I am willing to wait holding the secrets I did not confide
I’ve met so many Gabriel’s blowing their trumpet
They make sounds neither unnerving or pleasing
Instead they merely fill the air with hollow evangelism
As I cover my ears hoping you will provide true meaning
I don’t need a father figure or a myth to know what is right
Sin is just another word for the consequence of behavior
Experience has taught how a breath can become a gale
And I now look for peace instead of running from Lucifer
No spoken word can substitute for the natural world
Just as the natural world cannot ask us for our silence
Instead we walk upon the evidence and pave the garden
Removing traces of your glory in turn for defiance
I await the one man who can light a candle without a match
But maybe I am that man as I see my own way without fellowship
If any man asks for truth I will answer, “What did Christ say?”
And then I will turn my back to show the scars from mankind’s whip


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    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      beautiful philosophy, thank you so much.